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Sep 22, 2010 01:57 PM

Kaffir lime leaves?

My green curry is just not the same without the Kaffir lime leaf aromatics. I was able to get them at Russo's for a little while, but not anymore! Has anyone seen them?

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  1. I am not from your area so cannot tell you where to buy them. But, when you do find them buy a lot because they freeze very well. They don't lose colour or taste after freezing. I just pull out what i need and it takes about 1 min. for them to thaw. Good luck in finding them.

    1. Earlier this summer (which was the last time I looked), I found them at Shalimar Food and Spices, 571 Mass. Ave. in Central Sq., Cambridge.

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        I went to Shalimar on Saturday and asked for kaffir lime leaves. The woman who was working told me they don't carry them. When I said that someone told me that they had bought them at Shalimar previously, she mentioned that they do carry curry leaves and that perhaps someone got the two confused. Not saying that's the case, just that apparently, if they ever did carry the lime leaves, they don't anymore.

      2. At one point, although this was a few years ago, I got them at Christina's. You have to ask them, though, since they keep them frozen. Can anyone confirm if they still carry them?

        As an aside, I've been noticing that Christina's has low turnover issues, so just a caveat emptor when buy certain goods here. I almost bought some nut oil that was past its expiration date, and I saw some Valrhona chocolate with a bloom on it (the wrapper was transparent).

        Good to know about Shalimar re kaffir lime.

        1. angkor wat market on shirley ave in revere usually has kaffir lime leaves. i have also seen them recently at some of the smaller cambodian markets in lowell

          1. If you're still looking, Christina's in Inman Sq definitely carries them frozen. I've bought them from there and they were very good quality, super fragrant.