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Sep 22, 2010 12:55 PM

Mad Hungry

I have been enjoying the new Hallmark/Martha Stewart channel offerings especially Mad Hungry. Anyone else been watching?

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  1. I'm surprised this post hasn't gotten any response! I'm taking a sick day today, and I just came across this show, and I really liked it. I bought one of Lucinda's books, Lucinda's Rustic Italian Kitchen (but have yet to cook anything from it), so when I recognized who the host was, I kept watching. It was a relaxing, informative episode. I like her style - very calm, homey, but not phony. The food looke really good but not fussy. As soon as I get a Tivo, I plan to record the episodes on a regular basis!

    1. I seem to recall other threads about HMS not being avail in all markets or with all cable subscriptions. Which may account for the lack of response here.

      I caught the show and while I don't anticipate any surprises recipe wise, I did enjoy her approach and style on camera.

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      1. re: HillJ

        We just recently changed cable companies and now get the Hallmark Channel and we just found Mad Hungry. I really like Lucinda also. Unlike most other cooking show she doesn't have a gimmick. As "lisavf" said - she's calm. That's something that's in very short supply these days. Not only as far as cooking shows are concerned but just television in general.

        I don't feel tired after watching her! (I'm half kidding but half serious!)

        1. re: Ritcheyd

          I iike the Mad Hungry episodes until she drags her sons into them. Then I change the channel. It's just too posed. If I like the recipes, I go to her website & save them, which saves me from having to watch her & her sons.

          1. re: Breezychow

            Oh her sons don't bother me, the family touch strikes a cord with me and how I've been w/my own kids. I just wish the recipes were a bit more adventurous/challenging.

      2. from Tucson as well, I like her, unlike the Martha Stewart show, every foods or something like that, she seems real.

        Everyday title should be something like Stepford Cooks, they all seem like robots.

        1. I've only seen her show a couple of times, and couldn't tell you when it comes on, but I did enjoy her. Calm is a good way to describe her. I know a number of people who don't get the HMC.

          1. I really like the show. She is nice and calm, as someone else mentions in the thread. What I noticed, though, was how much different she seemed on this show from "Everyday Foods," from which I remember her being sort of, umm, dead behind the eyes. She's quite relatable on here, and she presents food we really would/do prepare in our home.