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Sep 22, 2010 12:49 PM

Need Asian for tonight

Going to dinner with a friend from out of town tonight. Her only request is "Asian." I'm trying to get away from my regulars -- Vietnam, Nam Phoung, Dumpling House, Sang Kee, Lee How Fook. Looking for someplace we can talk, so Penang is out. Haven't been to Le Veit, is that the only option left? Oh,there's always Han Dynasty if she has asbestos taste buds...and then there's Aqua and Rangoon...what am I missing?

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  1. Me again. How about Korean -- what's downtown?

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    1. re: hungry100

      For Korean downtown, try Miga on 15th just south of Walnut.

    2. Perhaps Sakura on 11th and Race for soup dumplings. Not too loud, good scallion pancakes (better than dim sum garden), good soup dumplings, friendly service.

      1. you could try sampan for upscale pan-asian. i haven't been, but it gets reasonably good reviews on CH.

        or chifa, garces' peruvian-chinese fusion. it's my least favorite of his places, but not bad by any stretch. certainly different than the places you listed above.

        Sampan - Philadelphia
        122 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107