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Camarillo restaurants

We're looking for a "special" restaurant in the Camarillo area, to take visitors, who will be living there in the near future. Any suggestions?

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  1. saddle peak lodge is not too far

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      Yeah it is, twenty six miles away, in different county and area code to boot.

    2. My parents live in Camarillo now and I go quite often.

      California Grill or Safire...I think they are still owned by the same people. Safire's chef used to work at Spago before opening this restaurant. There aren't very many "special" restaurants in Camarillo :o(

      Sushi Hamayu is pretty good for sushi/Japanese food. It's pretty casual, but I do like the food. It is run by a Japanese husband & wife, but English is well spoken.

      Watermark in Ventura is pretty good, a bit on the noisy side. Upstairs is a nightclub and downstairs is the restaurant.

      If you go to Yelp you can get a little bit more info:o)

      176 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

      Sushi Hamayu
      1855 E Daily Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010

      Safire Restaurant
      4850 Santa Rosa Rd, Camarillo, CA 93012

      1. Not sure what you need in terms of "special," but we like Aloha Steakhouse on Santa Rosa Road. We've found California Grill to be hit-or-miss, were less impressed with Safire.

        Safire Restaurant
        4850 Santa Rosa Rd, Camarillo, CA 93012

        Aloha Steakhouse
        364 S California St, Ventura, CA 93001

        1. For a twist, if casual is in order, go to the Camarillo Airport for lunch -Waypoint Cafe. Sit outside on the patio. Watch the planes come and go. Food is great and atmosphere way fun! This is special. Fancy special...not in Camarillo. Lunch is good at Peking Inn and a new restaurant should be opening soon in the same plaza; Bariloche or http://www.mybariloche.com/Coming_Soo....

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            Try Masa Sushi, been there over 25 years. A real family run restauarant. Great rolls, great prices.

            Masa Sushi
            6010 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

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              The airport place sounds like fun! I'll have to try it.

              There's also a new Seafood Restaurant that should be opening soon. It was where Coco's was...I think it's called Lures...

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                @Bombay - The Waypoint Cafe is a great option. Go there for lunch every Wednesday, Tri Tip Wednesdays. Nice size portions and fresh ingredients. Get there early, gets really crowded around noon.

            2. Has anyone ever heard of the Texas Cattle Company? I would appreciate any infomation you can provide me on it. TIA

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                I work in Camarillo, so I have visited pretty much all of the restaurants in the area, including Texas Cattle Company.

                IMO it's very average. Burgers, salads, sandwiches, burritos...nothing stands out as being great. Burger patties are from frozen and food in general is pretty bland. They have a nice patio area and the service is great.

                But there are other options in Camarillo that I think offer better food and atmosphere. Breakfast Cafe, Waypoint Cafe, Bandits and Woodranch just to name a few.

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                  thanks, Puppychao. I asked because I have a specia offer that I don't want to pass up. I think I'll go for a Saturday lunch but stick to the salads. They must have at least one decent dressing?

              2. In the Thousand Oaks area for breakfast (although they do lunch and dinner too - just that I've not been for those menus) is Harold's. Well known for omelets that are huge (and good).


                1. Baron Herzog winery which has a really good restaurant (just don't order the french fries) is really in Oxnard but close enough to Camarillo. sitting in the restaurant you can almost imagine you've been transported to Napa. The Kosher food was great. I had a boudin blanc on a roll with grilled onions and bell peppers that was wonderful. My wife had a fish sandwich that she found to be worthy of being served. Not inexpensive and even though it is a winery and I am of the faith there is only so much you can say about Kosher wine and I aint going to say it here. Nonetheless, a worthwhile Sunday lunch.

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                    sounds great, how much were those sandwiches? i'm think the boudin blanc is like 14 to 15 bucks or so?

                    Sounds great, and how's the view or atmospere from the restaurant onto the winery?

                    thanks, i forgot about this place.

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                      My recollection is that you are quite close on the prices. There is foliage and grapevines to look out on but really you are facing the street, you just don't realize it. The wines by the glass are a tad expensive and the best one I had was a Russian River Chardonnay. The reds I had were mostly ordinary. Great gift shop as well with wonderful chocolates. If you go post a review as it's been two years since I was there and I would like to know how the food is holding up. Thanks.

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                      Thanks for this one, Hughlipton. I've always wondered about Baron Herzog - think we'll give it a try this Sunday.

                    3. Breakfast at Eggs N Things has never disappointed. It's not fancy, but instead a place that you can expect reasonably attentive service and well prepared food. Some locals say it's the best breakfast in town. It's a place where you get what you order, and it's prepared how you expected it. In my book, for breakfast, that's a good place.

                      Eggs N Things
                      92 E Daily Drive (Los Posas Exit from the 101)