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Best Korean in the 'burbs? (i/s/o some really good bibimbap)

I've had a hankering for some really good Korean food, specifically bi bim bap! I'm in the Lansdale area... any suggestions?

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  1. Assi Plaza food court...?

    1. There is a korean bbq place in the same shopping center as Assi. It is off to the side.

      1. I'm pretty sure that the Korean place (to the right of Assi near Lai Lai Bros.) is closed. There are two Korean restaurants in Blue Bell; Korea Garden in a small shopping center on 202 north of 73, and Gaya on 73 east of 202. The bibimbap at Korea Garden is okay. I've never had it at Gaya.

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          I forgot to mention that Bonjung in Collegeville also serves a decent bibimbap.

        2. August Moon in Norristown.

          There's also a tiny Korean place at the end of the strip mall that has the Sae Han Oriental Market at 202 and Township Line Road in Blue Bell.

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            I've nearly forgotten about August Moon... mmmm King of Prussia To Norristown for takeout for lunch... I may have to make the run as a good Chowhounder would.
            Thank you all for the other responses. They're now on my list of places to try...

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              August Moon Closed till November for Renovations
              :-( no bibimbap for lunch today

              August Moon
              501 State Highway 73 North S, Marlton, NJ 08053

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              Chef is right. That place is called To Dam Gol. There was a discussion of it in a previous thread.


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                I love To Dam Gol for hot pots, soups and jap chae, but I do not like their Bi Bim Bop. It is bland, even after adding a lot of sauce.

            3. Myung Ga in Cherry Hill is worth the trip.

              Myung Ga Restaurant
              404 Marlton Pike E Ste 6, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

              1. Gaya in Bluebell...our next door neighbors are Korean and recommended this when we told them how much we enjoyed Korean food. We are usually the only non-Koreans there. We once tried their special menu with about 8 courses...very very interesting...but wayyyy too much food.


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                  Is this the reincarnation of the old Johnny Cross restaurant (with something else in there between then and now)? Looks worth a try. But, "wayyyy to much food?" Never! That's why we have doggie bags (and boxes.)

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                    It is the old Johnny Cross. I am just a little concerned that the Japanese side has changed names 3 times. We have been to the Korean BBQ side a number of times and once with a large (30) party. It was quite good!

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                    Gaya is very good, the best in our immediate area for bibimbap. Their hotpots are also fantastic. Korea Garden has particularly good dolsot bimbimbap but their service and food quality are erratic.

                    Korea Garden
                    1720 Marlton Pike E, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

                  3. The food court in the shopping mall of the Elkins Park H Mart is quite large and the Korean food windows serve a huge variety of traditional dishes. Very reasonably priced. No BBQ but the bimimbap can be hot or cold. Hot comes in a earthenware bowl with the rice on the bottom getting crispy and delicious. Shopping center at the corner of 611 and Cheltenham Ave. Called MORE shopping center. Also a great Korean prepared food take out place in the same shopping center and a wonderful french bakery.

                    1. FYI chowhounders. August Moon in Norristown is now re-opened after a lengthy remodeling. Haven't been yet, just thought i'd pass it along since they were closed for so long.

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                        Yay! I called them last week on their opening day to place a takeout order and there was no answer... you know I"ve only had bibimbap once since I posted this! that situation needs to be remedied very soon!

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                          reporting back on August Moon...... stopped in tonight for dinner. Renovation is great. Very clean and modern. But the food. Sushi was tremendously fresh.
                          The waiter said they are having an official grand opening sometime in early june.
                          We ordered two rolls, spicy tuna and alaska roll. Not exotic rolls but very good. We also shared the seafood jampoong. VERY good. Just spicy enough with an udon noodle. The banchan was tastey. I'm a sucker for a good kim chi. Can't wait to go back. Hopefully it will catch back on that they are open again, We were the only customers there, the entire time.
                          two basic rolls, edamame, jampoong and soda- bill was 36 bucks.