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Sep 22, 2010 11:41 AM

Cocktails in Fillmore area

Any suggestions for well made cocktails in the Fillmore or Lower Pac Heights area? Thinking of stopping before dinner at SPQR (though I thoroughly enjoy the wine selection there, especially if Shelly Lindgren is around).

1911 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

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  1. Dosa on Fillmore makes fantastic cocktails.

    Dosa on Fillmore
    1700 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

    1. I recently had cocktails with a friend at Dosa (fillmore @ post). Very innovative and delicious in a beautiful environment.

      1. I'll throw my hat into the ring with Dosa as well

          1. re: vincentlo

            I like Yoshi's, but I don't think their cocktails are of the first rank.

            1. re: bbulkow

              Totally concur with the other posts. This is my 'hood and Dosa does have the most ingenious cocktails (and almost 28 different kinds of gin!). The biggest hassle is the crowded space and that it is very loud.

              I will often have cocktails at Yoshi's or 1300 and am usually always disappointed by them; just mediocre mixologists except for one drink at Yoshi's that I enjoy when it is hot, their "Stormy Weather" made of Goslings rum, fresh lime, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueuer, Bundaberg ginger beer. Very lively and refreshing.

              1300 is about the worst place in the neighborhood and I have been known to send back Sidecars that were so bad they burned.

          2. Dosa is gorgeous - such a sexy space with a good vibey crowd, a good cocktail list and exactly the kind of atmosphere that makes for a great pre-dinner cocktail. However, I have not been impressed with their actual cocktails in the past. The first two times I went there the drinks were SUPER sweet, absolute sugar bombs. The third and fourth time I went I ordered a G&T to keep it simple. Suffice it to say that even those were screwed up. The last time I was there I ordered a glass of wine. Delicious.

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              Funny, the only thing I've been disappointed in at Dosa was their wine pairing!

              1. re: tvham

                and their curious lack of beer

                1. re: chuckl

                  That's ironic! @tvham-- I actually really like their wine list-- very strong in crisp, aromatic whites that go well with spicy foods. They have culty whites like Rieslings from Donnhoff, Muller Catoir and producers like Ogier on their list...Plus lesser-known cool climate red wines like Blaufrankisch, Lagrein, etc that go better with the foods than the heavy big reds typical on a regular list....

                  But then again wine is so subjective at the end of the day-- I say whatever wine you like is the best wine, and pairings can be so unpredictable....

                  @chuckl, They do actually serve beer. Do mean mean that they don't have an extensive selection? From what I remember it's small compared to the cocktail list....

                  Maybe I've just hit their bartenders at the wrong times. Certainly I think the list is well-conceived-- great selection and great-sounding list of ingredients in their cocktails. Each time I was there the bar was slammed, maybe I should go back sometime at an off hour and see how the drinks turn out when it's not so crazy...Or maybe I just don't jibe with their house cocktail style...