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Independent Steakhouse?

My steak-loving in-laws are coming for a visit next week. Finding a very good steak dinner is high on the list of priorities. No chains please, but any suggestions would be welcomed. I drove past The Wellington the other day, and that looked hip and fun, but we're talking in-laws here, and hip makes them uncomfortable, so that choice is probably out. Can you help point me to a winner?

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  1. What do you consider a chain? By saying "no chains", you eliminate perfectly acceptable recommendations such as Donnovan's (4 restaurants total, 2 in San Diego), but I have a suspicion that you that is not what you mean by chain.

    Cowboy Star in the East Village, perhaps?

    1. Although they have a few locations, I don't consider them a chain, I like Donovan's. They serve USDA Prime and unlike most chop houses, their entree's include a veg and starch.

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        Agree Donovan's and Cowboy Star would be my choices.

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          Cowboy Star is best steakhouse in SD. Dry-aged bone-in strip for the win.

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            Terrific. Thank you all. And, RB Hound, no, I think Donnovan's sounds fine. I was trying to avoid a Ruth's Chris or a Capital Grille type chain. I'll check these two out.

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              Yeah go to Cowboy Star.

              Although Ruth's Chris is better than Donnovans in my opinion.

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                  Just made reservations at Cowboy Star. Looks tremendous. Thank you all!

          2. CStar bison ribeye.*

            *Remember, it's grass-fed for delicious sustainability!

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                Oh. Did you think that was a comment directed at you? Would I do something like that? It's SO passive-agressive, and so unlike me. : )

                Actually, the bison is grassfed, and delicious, and I do enjoy it more than the feedlot cows. But I can't resist taking a shot now and then. I'm a very small and nasty person.

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                  go for lunch and try the bison burger

            1. I'm not a big steak house person, but I got taken to a real old-style place and have to say I really loved it. Red Tracton's Steak House in Del Mar. I absolutely loved the whole meal, service was perfect, but I loved the retro ambience just as much. It's a time capsule and not in a contrived way. it's just the same place it used to be and well kept up. It's a place you might have once expected Sinatra to hang out in. It's only hip in the ring-a-ding-ding sense. http://www.redtractonssteakhouse.com/

              Red Tracton's
              550 Via De La Valle, Solana Beach, CA 92075

              1. Bully's in Mission Valley is always great.

                1. Cowboy Star or Manhattan of La Jolla.

                  Manhattan of La Jolla
                  7766 Fay Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037