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Sep 21, 2005 03:20 PM

Dusty's or Musty's

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2 times = Mediocre.
Please tell me I need to give them another chance(?)
Dinner with the boyfriend was on a slow Wednesday night. Consisted of great wine
by the glass, pleasant dinner salad and apple pork chops. I know, I know...pork chops which the waiter
raved about. Not so great, bland and dry. The baked potatoes are fantastic. Not such a good value and not very good. The service was great. Now onto the mediocre breakfast. Very busy. Service: s l o w. Food: m e d i o c r e. Coffee and bread basket very good. The boyfriend had a "Fruit" Crepe which the waiter said 'filled with fruits and berries'; I had French Toast with bacon. The crepe came with no garnish, pale and dreary looking on the white plate. We looked at each other. He looked inside. Yum! Del Monte fruit-cocktail-looking-fruit with no berries to be found. Oh wait, one boiled looking strawberry. One would think berries would be sprinkled all over. My french toast looked as if the egg had been airbrushed on. Eggs must be very costly and rare at Dusty's. Bacon not done. Additionally, the manager was walking from table to table with two plates in her hand calling out a misplaced order. (embarrassing) Here is my take. This is a great looking place, nice ambience and as usual, the much talked about 'hip' Silverlake crowd. Serves 'French' food which we need in town. I can walk to this restaurant. I WANT to like it. But, it is so mediocre for the money. Should I walk back or forget about them?

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  1. Wow, that does sound like you got some lousy grub. I really love the ambiance at Dusty's. I've only ever been for brunch or lunch. I almost always get the chicken and mushroom crepe, but the other day I got a croque monsieur (with tomato - bonus!) that was very good and extremely cheesy.
    I am fussy about coffee (and I only have 3 per week, so they'd better be sensational) and I seem to remember the coffee not being worth my palate.
    LOVE their 'house juice' of strained orange and strawberry.

    I say, give them another shot and stipulate a few expectations, e.g. "I like my french toast really eggy -- will it be nice and eggy?!"

    Best of luck.

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      i had dinner there last week. not so great. my rib-eye was pretty ordinary and very thinly cut. it cost $28. too expensive. it's a cute place trying to charge important restaurant prices at dinnertime. we also had the sheherezad app. the whole platter was only ok.

      brunch on the otherhand is good. the ham and cheese crepe is very tasty. the frisee au lardons reminds me of france. fresh fruit is excellent. i like the atmosphere. you should give it a another try at brunch, but i'd skip the dinner. i'd rather spend the money at a lot of other places.

      the eggs benedict were pretty fine as well.

      1. re: Max Million
        Walking distance

        Dinner is salty, redundant, and swimming in grease.
        Pasta is a real joke. Three different pastas - same sauce. Too bad - the atmosphere is great. If only they cared about the food.


      2. Although I've only been once, my smoked salmon with eggs, albeit a tad salty, but it being smoked salmon what did I expect, were actually cooked to my liking, slightly runny. My SO's mushroom crepe was decent as well. I really liked their deep fried potatoes - but I am a sucker for fried potatoes.

        Anyway, I would pick Dusty's over any other breakfast place in the area for ambiance alone. It's really nice during the week, so much more peaceful than any thing else in the neighborhood.

        1. Three of us went earlier this week. I had turkey burger and loved it. It came with mango chutney which was really good. The others had hamburgers. One loved hers and the other was so-so, simply because they use very lean ground beef. The chocolate mouse was also quite good. I wanted to bring in a cake to celebrate the birthday but they charge a rather hefty $15 cake cutting fee. Service was attentive but not overbearing. I would (and have) go back.

          1. On my first visit I had the sliced lamb sandwich - LOVED IT! We had a great waitress (Hungarian) who was very friendly and aware of the menu.

            I eagerly anticipated a second visit. However, this experience was quite the opposite (only a week later). This time I ordered the lamb burger - it really sounded good. I ordered it medium rare. There was very little t'ziki - I asked for some more and waited 10 minutes! When she brought the t'ziki she asked how everything was (gee - I hadn't even started!). However, once I did start I quickly realized that my lamb burger (requested medium rare) was completely RAW inside. It totally grossed me out. All I could eat were the sweet potato fries (which are good) and wait for her return ... but she didn't come around again until 20 minutes had passed ... when I mentioned that the lamb burger was raw, she responded by telling me I should have told her when she came around the first time (before I'd even tried it - which she knew) then told me that NOW, there was nothing she could do and offered me a takeout box (so I could take it home and cook it myself???) UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I don't like creating a scene but I really don't think I should have had to pay for that. I haven't been able to go back since. How sad, since I am, in fact, Canadian.

            1. I've been to Dusty's a couple of times, for both brunch and dinner, and have always had excellent food and service, even when they are busy.

              The eggs benedict are really tasty, as are the various croques. Smoked salmon breakfast platter is good, and generous enough for two. I've never had the fruit crepe, but a friend of mine always gets the chicken crepe, and it is delicious. The potatoes that come with the breakfast dishes are to DIE for. I think they must be fried in butter a la Julia Child.

              I'm sorry you didn't have a better experience.