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Sep 22, 2010 10:21 AM

lisbon to praia da luz - lunch spot?


we will be driving from lisbon to praia da luz, and i would love any recommendations of where to stop and eat on the way.

keep in mind - we will be 4 adults and 2 little ones (3 & 3 months).
so we don't want anything to fancy; preferably a cute town where we can get some great food, stretch our legs, enjoy the scenery and the kids can run around.

thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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  1. how will you be coming?i.e from lisboa. faro?

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    1. re: LeRique

      we will not be driving through faro.

    2. Assuming you will be driving down on the A2, then the A22 West to Lagos, I suggest you stop at the Pousada in Alcacer do Sal. Just off the motorway, in a castle overlooking the river, good Alentejo food and nice speciality of rice dishes. Service is not fussy, plenty of space for BB and junior, and the price is reasonable.
      My second choice would be any of the motorway restaurants, IMO Grandola is slightly better than the others.

      If you take the coast road (longer and twisty) you want to stop in or near Odemira. You will have killed the journey by then.

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