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Sep 22, 2010 09:52 AM

Rye bread close to Brest, Bretagne


My friend is looking for some rye bread close to Brest in Bretagne. If rye bread is unavailable, would there be a place that sells rye Flour so she can make the bread herself?

Thank you!

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  1. any bakery should have it...look for pain de siegle

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    1. re: sunshine842


      What about the flour? is it readily available?

      1. re: hala

        In organic/health food stores (magasins bio), it is.
        The baked product (pain de seigle) is more readily available than the flour itself. You will also find it in supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. Even poissonneries will have it. It is traditionally served with oysters.

        1. re: Ptipois

          The flour isn't that easy to find, because French households tend to not make bread...I love making bread, but I have SEVEN bakeries within walking distance of my house. Can't figure out why I'd go to the effort when there's that much amazing hot, fresh, CHEAP bread available.

          I've seen it begin to shift, but there's still far more white bread sold than whole grain, rye, etc...although there's one filled with all sorts of seeds (flax, sesame, sunflower, etc) that ROCKS. We have yet to make it home with a whole one -- somebody always breaks the ends off.

          1. re: sunshine842

            As Ptipois said, rye flour is common in bio stores. You find it sometimes in the grandes surfaces, although you're more likely to find flour mixtures or even everything-included bread mixes there. Most people certainly buy their bread, but bread machines are not uncommon either.

            As for why bake your own bread, it can be a question of price (brown breads tend to be a lot more expensive at good bakeries), convenience/freshness ... or in my case, as a Germanophile, I buy French style breads and make my own German ones.

            One thing I do have a hard time finding is cracked rye or wheat (Weitzen- or Roggenschrot).

            1. re: tmso

              Thank you everyone! I will tell her to try bio stores.

              My friend really likes to bake bread, otherwise, I would have never asked for bread flour in France.