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Sep 22, 2010 09:34 AM

Where can I buy a whole duck in SD?

Is it possible to buy a whole duck without order in San Diego? And how much is the average price for a not huge, normal size duck?


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  1. 99 Ranch has whole, unfrozen ducks that run about $15.

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    1. I have seen whole ducks at most supermarkets, like Ralphs, Wholefoods, different chinese supermarkets etc. At WF on Monday the price was about $3/lb

      1. The above places carry whole ducks. I've even seen whole duck in Vonn's.

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        1. re: Indirect Heat

          Add Bristol Farms to the above options.

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              whole ducks at TJ's? Which one?

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                Trader Joe's used to carry frozen Muscovy duck from a Long Island producer, but I haven't seen it recently. It may be a seasonal item. However, my Von's in Solana Beach currently carries whole frozen duck.

        2. Thank you, everyone. I think it depends on the location. I checked some Von's, TJ, and Ralph's. But they didn't have it.

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            Are you checking the frozen food section or the butcher section? Because my Vonn's (in Rancho PQ) has 'em in the freezer. Anyway, guaranteed the 99 Ranch will have 'em in the frozen food section.

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              Harvest Ranch Markets, an upscale chain in San Diego, also carries whole ducks.

            2. I'd really recommend 99 Ranch at 7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. I saw at least ten fresh ducks there this morning, all less than $15. Head for the produce section, but then look along the back wall. You'll find the poultry there. To avoid the crowds, go very early on a weekend, or sometime during the week.

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                Jasmine the dim sum place has a take out counter for roast duck, but I think its like $22 bucks for ducks.