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Need Recs for Excellent Chow Near Rittenhouse Square

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I will be visiting Philadelphia on business next week and will be staying near Rittenhouse Square. I'd like suggestions for really good restaurants within walking distance for a small group (4 or 5). Nothing real formal, but good food/wine a must. A nice bistro would fit the bill. Anything distinctively Philly would be a plus. Cost not really an issue.

Thanks in advance. It's been a long time since I've been to your fair city, and am really looking forward to my visit.

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  1. Tria is a possibility.

    1. We just had "restaurant week" lunch at Zahav. Service, selection and every item was very good. Casual, perky professional service, open airy atmosphere, definitly what you are looking for.

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        Zahav is good, although, not entirely walking distance from Rittenhouse. If you want something on or near the square, I'd recommend Parc. It's a bistro, open to the square, good wine and good food. Two others in the neighborhood: Pub & Kitchen (more gastropub than bistro, but good food) and Meritage.

        Tria is lovely, but difficult to walk in and get a table for 4 or 5 many evenings.

      2. Tria and Zahav are both very good, but Tria has a limited food menu and Zahav is not in walking distance.

        You guys might like Tinto (Basque tapas and a good Spanish wine list) or, more off the beaten path, Meme, which is a true American bistro. I'm not sure about the wine list at Meme.

        Neither serve distinctly Philly food, but Tinto is run by Iron Chef Jose Garces who has a formidable restaurant empire here and is a staple of the food scene, and Meme will take you a bit into the residential part of Rittenhouse, which is pleasant and has a unique vibe.

        Parc, a French bistro right on the square is also an option, but with a more generic character in my opinion.

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          Matyson is 2 1/2 blocks form Rittenhouse Square, has a great $45 tasting menu Mon-Thur, and is BYOB to boot.


          Also see the above thread on a 1/2 off certificate available today only.