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Lamb Ribs?

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Any of you good hounders know where I might find or order lamb ribs in Dallas? They are really, really, good.

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  1. Wow ... good luck, J.R. I have yet to find them in a supermarket/grocery. If you do find them on a menu, please post it. I used to order them in the SF Bay Area in California (though I don't remember what restaurant!) and I absolutely love them!

    1. Maybe I am confused, but the ribs are the rack. A full rack contains eight ribs, which are usually cut into small and tender rib chops. Left in one piece, the rack makes a delicious roast, or you can tie two or three racks together to form a crown roast.

      You want a rack of lamb and that is available most any place. I especially saw them last week for a hella deal at Ranch 99 Market in Plano, frenched and ready for grilling. Hella deal.

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        Thats kinda what I was thinking.

        Now what kinda deal did you see at 99 Ranch? Spill it.

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          They were frozen, but beautiful looking frenched racks. I am not positive about the cost, want to say around 12 for 3 nice racks. I remember being shocked at the price and what a beautiful color they were.

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            Costco has good rack of lamb. They are vacuum packed.

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              OK at 99 has 3 nice racks vacuum packed and frenched for about 8 bucks.

        2. I'm really looking for lamb ribs cut like pork spare ribs.

          1. I've never seen them in any Dallas market. I would however, try Rudolph's and Kuby's. And possibly, a Middle Eastern market. They sell a lot of lamb and they might be able to get them for you.

            1. OK boys,..rack of lamb is NOT lamb rib...Shheeesh! What kind of foodies are you? Also known as Lamb Breast...I just completed an exhausting search for them in Dallas, Richardson, Plano...Rudolph's Meat Market in Dallas/Deep Ellum will order them...Kuby's didn't have a clue, as did many of the other specialty meat markets around. Central Market, probably will order. but plan several days ahead. Rudolph's order Tuesday, get 'em Friday..frozen.

              Now go gee 'em..

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                Thank you, toklas2. I've been fixing RACK of lamb for many years and can find some excellent cuts at several markets; Riblets ... or breast ... is next to impossible to find. I have asked at HEB (Central Market in Plano), at Hirsch's meats, Market Street and Whole Foods. I get a questionable look like I'm speaking a VERY foreign language. Nobody seems to know what I'm talking about. After reading these recent posts, I will definitely have to check it out again.

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                  Hirschs' was clueless as well...I googled some mideastern markets in Plano/Richardson and the two "best bets" were closed....Also LaMichoacan Carneseria's etc ...Legs only..and cabrito. Rudolph's is THE best bet...

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                  I called Rudolph's this afternoon and asked if they had breast of lamb. The response: "no" , followed by immediate hangup. I go there fairly often and recognized the voice answering so it's not as if I got some uninformed summer help. Is there some special language to use for this request, i.e., lamb ribs, lamb riblets, etc.? (And yes, next time I'm there I'm going to mention the rude response.) Thanks.

                3. Ask your HEB market. The one here in Kerrville has them sometimes. I forgot the brand, but think they were "branded". I bought three pkgs and grilled them with a "Korean Spice Rub." Delicious. I think they were about $8 lb. and no, a rack of lamb is NOT the same thing. FYI, this same HEB market also has had veal ribs...cut the same way and equally delicious. Very mild, almost too mild to use any strong rub or sauce on, but very good with just salt, pepper and a little lemon juice.

                  1. If you are looking in Kerrville, then you might as well head to Gonzalez, south of Austin. Gonzalez Market (a well-know bbq joint) has 'em...you can also order by phone and they will ship...they have a website. re: HEB..closest thing in Dallas is Central Market, but I am checking out the Mexican meat markets today: La Michoacan, etc etc...BaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaaaa!

                    1. An update to my earlier post....HEB, Kerrville does have "lamb riblets" in their meat case. Price is $5.99, and is labeled....HEB Natural Lamb, pkged by Mountain States Rosen
                      355 Food Center Dr., Bldg. C 16 Bronx, NY 10474. I'm going with the "Korean Rub" again!!
                      Your Central Mkt. should be able to get them if you can't find another source.

                      1. Provided the following information is not too late for the OP, I've since become more familiar with the lamb selections at Indo-Pak. They could just have exactly what you want or, cut it for you on demand. I am referring to the Indo-Pak store in back of First Chinese BBQ on Polk Street in Richardson.

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                            Let me know if I've steered you right.

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                              When I googled Indo Pak, I also came across World Foods Market, on Floyd Circle behind TI...reviews for WFM are glowing for foods and meats, especially unusual cuts (YAY!)..plus great prices. Hate to say it, but I did read some posts saying you could get the lamb breast/ribs from HEB (in Kerrville..too far!) often for .99/lb....Rudolph's in Deep Ellum quoted $7.95/lb...I am going to try to head over this aftrnoon...will keep ya posted!

                              Floyd Circle Cafe
                              13490 T I Blvd, Dallas, TX 75243

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                                Oh Baby! Hit the Mother Load...World Foods Market ,on Floyd Rd, behind TI, is unreal! to say the least!! It's sort of a mini-Sams for Mideastern foods....really awesome! You go to the back of the store to the butcher area..they have a large,glass walk-in w 7-8 whole lamb carcasses hanging! I'm in heaven! Go to the window and order the part you want....I got one rib rack, which has just gone on the smoker 30 minutes ago...A trial run tonite for a client b'day dinner next week.
                                Oh, yeah..$5.95 lb! This is my kinda place..and being the only anglo in the place makes it more fun! Plus, I read too many posts re Indo Pak regarding cleanliness that just steered me away. Go get "em...YUMMERZ!! And THANKS for the leads!!

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                                  Hmm, maybe I'll give World Foods Market another try...I actually found it poorer to the cleanliness of Indo Pak the time I went, but perhaps I'll give it another shot....

                                  1. re: pgwiz1

                                    I'll do a recon on Indo Pak as well...

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                                      I've been to World Foods Market and I also agree about the (lack of) cleanliness compared to Indo-Pak.

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                                      Also try Sara's Bakery on Sherman in Richardson as I know they have fresh lamb to order. It is the cleanest Middle Eastern market I have been in locally.


                              2. Hey, Hey...Almost a year later and the Chownation comes through. I'm on it for the weekend. I work in that neiborhood which makes it even more handy. Thanks to everyone.

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                                  I've seen Lamb Ribs at the Wal-Mart Neighborhood store on HWY 75 and Haskell in Dallas

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                                    Yeah WM got em but it's not the same thing...They sell either the "rack" or the small riblets -rib chops...this is all about the entire breast and ribs...WM surely doesn't carry that.

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                                        Field Report:
                                        -Indo Pak,Richardson TX....nice clean store. large selection of lamb cuts, including the breast, aka lamb ribs. $8.95/lb. will cut to order.
                                        -Sara Bakery, Richardson, TX...clean store. small selection of lamb cuts. Crap shoot if they will have the ribs...but go in a day ahead to order, no problem. $7.95/lb
                                        -World Foods Market, Richardson(?),TX...like I said; it's a wild,wooly warehouse type store..lots and lots of product. And lots of lamb on hand. Walk-up butcher window and order ...$5.95lb. n.b. : It's not Central Market, or Fiesta, but one heluva selection.Clean? It's ok..didn't bother me.
                                        So, there you have it...go getcha some lamb ribs and fire up that smoker like I'm gonna do this weekend. 2.5hours@250 will get some tastee bones for all!

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                                          Just curious why would you not smoke the whole lamb if you have that smoker going? A rack of ribs seems like a waste for all that effort to smoke. Also what kind of rub you using? Wet mop? marinade?

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                                            ...That sounds really good..the problem is I would need a smoker the size of a VW, and mine is more the size of a SmartCaar...

                                2. Ok...final; report..Indo Pak in Richardson is the place..Great butcher..selec ted a smaller (whole carcass) lamb and I got the meatiest breast yet..actuall got 4 racks for a dinner party this weekend!

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                                  1. your question popped up when I searched lab ribs. I just bought two cryo packed lamb breast at...wait for it...WALMART!!