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Restaurants Between Baltimore and Harpers Ferry

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I'm planning a day-trip to Harpers Ferry from Baltimore and couldn't get a reservation at Volt... Are there any other restaurants along the way that have a similar dining experience and would be recommended? Thanks!

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  1. There is Patowmack Farm in Lovettesville:


    1. Several good places in Sherpherdstown WV, not far from Harpers Ferry, none at level of Volt (Bavarian Inn, Stone Soup Bistro).

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        I absolutely love Shepherdstown. Great place for lunch and walking around if you have time.

      2. The Tasting Room in Frederick is superb.

        Tasting Room
        101 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701

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          Second for TR. Possibly the best wine prices around. Monocacy Crossing is pretty good, too.

          Monocacy Crossing
          4424 Urbana Pike # A, Frederick, MD 21704

        2. Haven't been to the South Mountain Inn for awhile but it use to be very good, just outside Frederick in Boonsboro

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            South Mountain Inn is a cool spot for a few drinks and apps (cheese plate, pickled herring in sour cream). The cooking tends to run on the salty side. The Braddock Inn in Braddock Heights is historical, but more informal and the food is not as over-rendered. Or as expensive. Thursday nights, they have a blues jam in the bar downstairs featuring some of the top local stranglers.

            Braddock Inn
            4830 Schley Avenue, Frederick, MD 21714

          2. There really isnt anything comparable to Volt. The tasting room in frederick is very good. When I have business meetings if I cant get in Volt I goto The Tasting Room. The Press Room in shepherdstown is by far the best place in sheptown. Stone Soup is pretty good. The Bavarian is ok. People seem to like the view and what not but the view is better than the food. The Yellow Brick should be avoided but maybe for a drink. . South Mountain Inn is OK nice place for a drink. Harpers Ferry has effectively nothing worth discussing. If you havent been you should hit shepherdstown. Everything is walkable. lots of choices.

            Tasting Room
            101 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701