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Sep 22, 2010 08:09 AM

Freshest and best Olive Oils?

I'm almost out of a the couple of different olive oils that I keep on hand. Any suggestions for good quality oil. Any aficionados want to weigh in?

Buying online works... or any local (to me = NYC) outlets. I know we are months away from a new harvest, but I'd like the freshest available now. Who vintage dates their bottles? What's the best extra-virgin for sauteing? I've already spent an arm at this summer's farmers markets...would rather not spend the leg :) A good value would be great.....maybe some higher end option for salads/garnish....

I like to keep several different types....spicy, fruity, etc.....but as with wine, I'm into trying something new/different.

Thanks much!

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  1. Fairway has many options from all over at decent prices. The Brooklyn store (and I assume the others) have at least 10 oils at a time available for tasting. I think the best deals on Italian oils can be found at Teitel Brothers on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Also good prices, but smaller selection at Sahadi on Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn (especially Greek and Middle Eastern). All these store have high turnover, so they should be of recent vintage.

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      Stick to the Greek EVOOs, you can trust them. Fairway Koroneiki is reasonably priced and good for cooking, Euphoria Greek Koroneiki is good for dipping, drizzling and sipping:) Its single estate with vintage date. I picked up a bottle at Eli's on the UES and then got it cheaper online They even deliver for free so no shipping. Definitely worth the splurge.

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        don't know if that still holds true toughest?

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        I've been buying teitels house brand of EDDA of 25 years still darn good that oil

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        1. For salads and dipping try Lucini - an oil from Tuscany. It is fruity and peppery. Available at Whole Foods. For sauteing, extra virgin is not necessary, as the heat will destroy the difference in quality.