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Sep 22, 2010 08:00 AM

A Fish Called Avalon?

Has anyone eaten there? I have heard good things but wanted to get some first hand reviews before going

A Fish Called Avalon
700 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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  1. havent eaten there since i've worked there one summer in '90,but as a general rule why eat at any restaurant on ocean drive?The chance you will see a local eat there will be as rare as finding a local in philly who prefers pats or genos over johns roast pork or steve's prince of steaks for cheesteaks.(i'm originally from philly).Food gets better once you leave ocean drive.

    1. My husband and I had dinner there last night, and it was fantastic. We split the Romaine Wedge Saled with pecans, blue cheese, and bacon. It was certainly large enough for two, and we really liked the hint of sweetness in the dressing. My husband had the Seared Ahi, which was very good, but similar to what you can get many places. I had two apps, which were excellent, and different. The first was crab/rock shrimp cakes on a bed of some kind of slaw, topped with a pesto of some kind, and served with a splash of Remoulade. this was really good. I also had the Escargots in a unique presentation. Out-of-the-shell snails served with crispy gnocchi, tiny dice of tomato, surround by a green herb sauce, and topped with a small dollop of toum (chef is Syrian). this was over the top delicious. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for an upscale dining experience on South Beach.

      South Beach Cafe
      121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139