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Sep 22, 2010 07:52 AM

New Additions to Soho

Just a heads up - Walking through the neighborhood I noticed a few places about to open... A Francois Payard Bakery w/ Cafe on Houston near Sullivan, with reasonable prices and a restaurant called B&B (?) on Houston and Greene.

Francois Payard Bakery
116 W Houston St, New York, NY 10012

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  1. Here's more about Francois Payard's bakery:

    Here's more about Burger & Barrel (in the old Centovini space):

    Burger & Barrel
    25 W Houston St, New York, NY 10012

    1. B&B or Burger and Barrel in Soho on Mercer off Houston. well known owners, they brought us Lure. Actually the chef from Lure was cooking at B&B when I was there. Alot of hype, they have several branches all over the country. The burgers were supposed to be fantastic. A few different varieties as far as toppings go. The meatballs appetizer was pretty good ( a little firmer than i like), the french fries are mediocre, the sweet potato fries are good. The burgers were over cooked. Medium rare was medium well and medium was very overcooked. The meat quality seemed good, the size was good but a place famous for great burgers should be embarrassed about overcooking the burgers. One of us complained but had eaten some , so they didn't take it back. Not a good place for a good burger, but it is a comfortable place to eat.

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        I went there a few months ago. I had the wedge salad which I enjoyed, standard for a wedge, and the burger that had the bacon jam and carmelized onions. I didn't care for the bacon jam, I'd rather just have good bacon on the burger. The doneness of the burger was fine, med rare. Fries like you say nothing wonderful. I can't belive they would not take back the burger. How else will you know it's not cooked to your liking unless you bite it.