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Sep 22, 2010 07:44 AM

Haggis in Scotland?

I'll probably only be in Edinburgh and St. Andrews - any recs on where to try this famed delicacy? Not sure even what sort of place would serve it -- does it count as pub food, or will I have to go to a fancy tourist trap? thanks for any ideas...

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  1. Most fish and chip shops will do you a haggis supper which is not at all touristy . You can also choose white pudding and other oat based lovely stuff to try.

    1. Agree with the other poster in that most fish and chips shops will serve it as a battered large sausage shape. However, if you're staying in a traditional B & B or some hotels, you'll probably be offered it as part of a traditional cooked breakfast. Can't think of somewhere in Edinburgh (aside from the usual touristy places on the Royal Mile/High Street) that would serve it but in St Andrews there's a pretty central hotel called the Russell. Yes, it's touristy (they all are!) but they have food options in their bar which is pretty informal (open fire etc) and I've enjoyed the very traditional haggis, neeps & tatties (with a creamy whisky sauce I think) from there on numerous occasions and I'm a local (and lots of other locals/University workers go there too). This is how haggis is usually served at Burns Suppers. Not been for a little while but I'm assuming it's still on the menu - both lunch and dinner. Their haggis, and fingers crossed they've not changed their supplier, is good with a wee hint of peppery spice. Enjoy!

      1. Although you can get deep fried haggis in all chip shops it is no where near the "authentic" haggis and will usually be cheap and greasy. A decent Scottish breakfast will include haggis and it just depends on the place that you're eating as to the quality of the Haggis. You can get Haggis neeps and tatties in plenty of pubs and look out for places advertising Macsween or Findlays Haggis which are excellent producers. Decent restaurants that I know of in Edinburgh serving it are, Dubh Prais, Urban Angel, monster mash and Amber (at the whisky museum during the day) and they all have web sites so you can see what kind of place they are. Hope it's of use.

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          I can vouch for "Dubh Prais" and their Haggis. IIRC quite a modern riff on the dish - but none the worse for that. Not a tourist trap despite being on the Royal Mile.

        2. You might call or stop by Crombie & Son and ask if they recommend any restaurants that serve theirs. They make some of the best Haggis and sausages in Scotland.

          A Crombie & Son
          97 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3RZ
          +44 131 556 7643

          Do not go to a chipper and order Haggis. While there is something authentically Scottish about having it battered and deep fried, it really just won't be very good.

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            Macsween, every time. For the real deal have it with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes), and then stir it into a big gloopy mess with your fork (and if you were a kid in Scotland, as I was, you'd then cover it with liberal salt, pepper and ketchup to make a haggis pie...oo you've got me all nostalgic!)

            I've not been back for 10 years despite being an Edinburgh lass, so hopefully someone here will post on which pubs/cafes are good still. Or you could just pop into a butcher, buy some, and make it yourself at a later date!