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Sep 22, 2010 07:39 AM

One blow out honeymoon dinner in Rome

Hi All,
I am going to be in Rome around New Years for my honeymoon. We are planning to have one blow out meal. I am trying to choose between Il Convivio Troiani, Il Pagliaccio, Agata e Romeo, or Tuna.
Which one would you choose? Or, do you have any alternatives that are better?
Additionally, does anyone have a recomendations for New Years eve?

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  1. have you searched yet? there has been a lot of recent discussion of these restaurants.

    also look for prior posts and web info about Capodanno - what New Years Eve is called in Rome. there are websites dedicated to this and there has also been prior discussion. One thing you can do is contact a restaurant you might be interested in to see if they have a special dinner planned. but many of these special meals are usually all night group affairs, We have enjoyed eating simply and going out to join the roman crowd to celebrate the midnight hour.

    1. Do as Jen says. Tuna is not in the same category as the others. It's more casual, all fish, very good but probably not what you want, given your other candidates. Pagliaccio has the most creative food and obsequious (in a good way) waiters. Agata is the smallest, very good, smallish menu, most intimate, possibly most conservative cuisine. Brilliant young sommelier, Maria Antonietta, daughter of Agata (chef) and Romeo (who is the senior sommelier), great cheeses. I love it. Convivio is more spacious, great food -- creative with clear roots. Beautiful, elegant, sometimes the service misses a beat.

      1. My wife and I recently cellibrated our anniversary with a special dinner at the St Regis Grand hotel's restaurant Vivendi. It is excellent. The food, service and beautiful room was extraordinary. It is expensive so its a special occasion place for most people. I was disapointed with a lot of the trendy Rome restaurants wich seem to pay more attention to the presentation than the taste of the food and preferred the places the locals dine for other meals.

        1. We are leaving for Italy next week for our anniversary. Not sure if you've thought about it, but we decided to go to La Pergola. I know it's expensive :), but we're cutting back in other ways. However, if you're considering the places mentioned above, this isn't much (if at all) more. I read this review and a couple of others and I can't get it out of my head!

          Have fun!!