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Sep 22, 2010 07:18 AM

American chef run or american-themed restaurant in Paris?

I need to book a restaurant for a business dinner and for some reason, my boss wants it to be "American." I'm taking the liberty to interpret this as american chef run or american themed restaurant, etc. I looking for restaurants less like Joe Allen or Moutarde and more like...Spring (without the 3452-month wait).

Any suggestions?

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  1. Yah Spring - instead of the wait upstairs try the more informal setting downstairs.
    Mark Singer's Cave Gourmande in the 19th - last meal not so hot but one before that hot.

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        There's an American restaurant at the American Embassy (in addition to a McDo's and French one that's excellent) that serves Virginia ham, Oregon lamb, etc but I doubt if it's open for dinner and you need a contact at the Embassy to get you in.
        And a dive in the 18th where I cannot imagine you'd want to go but I include for completeness sake is La Cave Café at 134 rue Marcadet run by Arthur Jordan, ex of NYC and Chicago.

        1. re: John Talbott

          I haven't been, so can't recommend it, but there's 'Ralph's' at the huge Ralph Lauren concept store in St Germain. Got a lot of press when it opened and reviews are...diverse. Very pretty though.

          1. re: vielleanglaise

            Beware a 27 E cheeseburger even if it's from Lauren's farm/ranch.

          2. re: John Talbott

            Ah, John Talbott, I fear you've been misinformed... there's no restaurant at the embassy, unless you mean the basement cafeteria, which dishes up sandwiches and basic canteen fare -- certainly no Virginia ham or Oregon lamb (unless my husband is hiding something from me). There is also no McDonald's, nor a French restaurant there.

            1. re: Cookingthebooks

              Jeez what happened? I wasn't misinformed, my eyes saw them. Unless they were ephemeral. When I ate there in pre-barrier 1989, there were the three I mentioned in the basement which my pal at the Embassy offered us the choice of. Hard times I guess.

              1. re: John Talbott

                Fascinating! But they are no more, I'm afraid. For American food, you'll have to come to chez nous. Hot buttered biscuits tonight!

          3. re: croissantaimecafe

            I would ask your boss to elaborate on what they mean by an "American" restaurant. Is he/she American? Do they want old –fashioned American or what the French think of as American or something more modern?

            Ralph Lauren would fit the bill but their wait list is likely to be longer than Spring. The setting is lovely and the food is not bad but it is not as good as it should be considering the price. My burger at 27€ was good but the fries were the colorless frozen variety which is pretty unacceptable. Joe Allen's isn't bad if you are craving burgers and wings but it doesn’t strike me as a very good choice for a business dinner. Spring of course has an American chef as does La Cave Gourmand. Saturne, whose Chef is Swedish, reminded me very much of Spring (set menu, small dishes, great products), although, at least on the night I went, the food was not as creative, albeit they had literally just opened. Hidden kitchen would be my choice but again, you need to get in, which could be nearly impossible and since it's a table d'hôte it's not conducive to business unless you could book the entire table.

            1. re: Phyllis Flick

              Phyllis; What was the place you mentioned last summer that had burgers on the roof?

              1. re: John Talbott

                Mama Shelter, BBQ on the roof, probably not open now.

          4. re: John Talbott

            I will be arriving in Paris on Nov. 1 and will be there until Dec. 4. I presently have 3 reservations for dinner at Spring during that period of time. I have different friends showing up plus always introduce my Paris friends to the best restaurants, that they do not know about! I better ask them to check where mine are--upstairs or downstairs!!

            We have a group having Thanksgiving Dinner at Violon d'Ingres. They have offerred to prepare a 'special' menu for our table. That will be a surprise. Somehow I don't think Christian will have a traditional stuffed turkey!! Last year I told Christian the day before that it was Thanksgiving for us. It was too late for him to do anything. He was most apologetic on TG.

            Getting things put together for a great always......

          5. More are on Phyllis Flick's blog Paris Notebook
            I would add that I thought the Floors burger was not even up to French standards

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            1. Thanksgiving has a Cajun restaurant at 20 rue St Paul in the 4th.

              1. It looks like I never wrote up my visit there, but when I went to Chez Haynes (3 rue Clauzel, Paris 9eme) a couple times a couple years ago, it was quite good. Go for the more Southern, soul-food-ish dishes on the menu and it can be great. But don't bother with the barbecue.

                1. As a few others have suggested, I think you need more info from your boss. As someone who has had to arrange business dinners to suit various situations, from your description so far, I interpret what might be desired very differently.

                  Is the dinner with American clients or colleagues? Is there a need for an earlier dinner than normal, fairly prompt service, steak and potatoes or other "American-friendly menu", a place where Americans who speak no french can communicate, so many interpretations...?