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Sep 22, 2010 06:47 AM

Montreal and Quebec City dress codes

I have been reading many posts over the last few weeks getting ready for a trip. Thanks for all the great suggestions. We will likely dine in the more moderate priced places (under $40 a person), but definitely like good food and wine.

I would like to pack light and dress casually--we are thinking layers dues to the season. It appears that most restaurants, even some nicer ones, would not turn us away if we showed up in say corduroys and sweater or even jeans. (What my mother refers to as "clean" but not fancy.)

Is my assessment correct? I could toss in a skirt or nice pair of pants, but if I don't have to take something I may or may not wear, that would be preferable. And, I hate to have my husband pack a sport coat, when he really hates wearing one.

Thoughts please.

Thank you and I look forward to dining my way through town.

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  1. no dress code for the "moderate" priced places.

    for higher end, more "fashion" is needed, but no jacket required in most places.

    1. You can get away with pretty casual in most restaurants, but jeans might be pushing it in the higher end places. I don't think they'd turn you away, but you might feel under-dressed. I think a nice dress shirt would be sufficient for a man. My husband and I have been to quite a number of the higher end restaurants in Montreal and I don't recall feeling a jacket/tie was necessary at any of them.

      1. A convenient option for packing is a little black dress that doesn't need to be ironed...if you have one. I try to travel with one if I can..something I can scrunch into extra space as opposed to nice pants/skirt and a top that have to be pressed or whatever :).

        Previous reviewer is right though...almost all places will not turn you away. It's really a matter of personal comfort. I would suggest a pair of nice slacks (khakis even) for BOTH you and your husband (or skirt for you) and a nice dress shirt for him and pretty top for you.

        However, even for a nicer but not super fancy place I would suggest avoiding jeans unless they're a nicer pair of dark, dressy jeans paired with nice shoes and a dressy top. Unless you're eating in the's much more an anything goes kinda place. Best selection of restaurants there anyways!

        I just reread what I wrote and I guess it was basically a long winded way of saying wear whatever you're comfortable in! Lol.

        p.s. don't bother with dinner jacket and tie. Completely unnecessary. A nice, dark dress shirt will do just as well.

        p.p.s. You could also just come with whatever, and pop into Zara for something nice and reasonably inexpensive for both of you if you feel the need for dressier clothes!

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        1. re: danaelife

          I'd think dark jeans would be more "acceptable" than khakis in many places - cool factor. But this is just a matter of fitting in - not of formal dress codes.

          1. re: lagatta

            Are slacks generally acceptable in Quebec (I don't know if one city is more formal than the other) for women in the nicer restaurants like le Saint-Amour ? Wearing a little black dress in winter time might be a bit chilly.

            1. re: AprilTwoCats

              No problem with slacks just wear a nice top and everything will be perfect!

              1. re: AprilTwoCats

                There is no problem anywhere with slacks - after all, female CEOs and politicians here (Pauline Marois...) and elsewhere (Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel) wear trouser suits. But I will remind you that trousers aren't the only way to keep warm! I do prefer wearing skirts or dresses when I want to look "nice" but have long velvet ones for chilly weather.

                Slacks are fine - can't imagine ANY restaurant refusing them nowadays.