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Sep 22, 2010 06:19 AM

Very good Indian resto found in WPB

I had dinner last night at Taste of India, in the same plaza as Grandlake Chinese Cusine (7750 Okeechobee Blvd, west of the Turnpike). All the food was excellent and authentic as possible, they even have some hard-to-find dishes (they call them "Street Snacks") that I like so much. I think they've only been open a few months or so, but I give them a big thumbs up for some really good food and attentive service. The prices are maybe a bit steep, but worth it.

Highly recommended: their app called Chicken 65. Just fantastic!

Info: 561.721.8600

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    1. Saturday was a very good food day for me. I tried out Taste Of India on my way to a concert at Cruzan. It is a nice place inside and the service was very good. I liked this place better than any Indian resto just from reading the menu.

      There are about 35 apps available. I ordered the chicken 65 as suggested from BAFU. This was a hit and it is basically marianted/seasoned chicken and lightlly battered in rice flour then fried (I believe). I saw chicken jal frezi on the menu for the first time since I had it in London over 8 years ago. I decided to get shrimp phaal since my app was chicken. The waiter explained it was a 4/5 on the heat level but I ordered it anyway.

      Shrimp phall was very tasty but man was it hot. I was warned beforehand but I thought I could handle it. The flavor was full on but the heat kept me from trying much of the sauce. The waiter asked if I needed a fire extinguisher...hehe. The chef came out and checked with everyone in the place it seemed. Naan bread was good as expected.

      Just from my single visit, I would say this is the best Indian resto I have been to here in SoFla. This is better than Saffron it seems but it is on the pricey side. App was $8, shrimp phaal was $20, naas was $3, and lassi was $5. My bill was $36 without tip. As I said, service was excellent and the chef inquired about how you liked his food. It says a lot when you see the chef checking with his patrons.

      From reading some net based reviews, this place is a new location for this resto and has been around for a while. Maybe it is under new owners or management as well??

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        Glad you liked it freaker. I'm going back there next week for another fix. I had a vindaloo last time I was there about 10 days ago and you're right: the waiter warned me how hot (and sour) it was. They dialed back the heat level a bit and all was OK.

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          Finally hit up Taste of India last night. Thank you Freaker and BAFU for the recos.

          It's the best Indian in SoFla easily. In every way.

          Bright and open inside. Excellent friendly service - it was really stellar - the entire team makes you feel welcome. A menu that goes WAY beyond the "American" favorites. And the food was terrific.

          We had two apps (Papri Chat and Tamarind Eggplant), one old standby (Chix Tikka Masala, very hot please) and "Chicken Chutney Wala" (Chicken cooked in a mango and mint sauce tempered with fresh ginger and coriander), plus naan.

          Things started off great with comp papadum and chutneys. Got better with the apps.

          The Tamarind Eggplant was just really amazing. If my brain ever seizes up and I turn vegetarian, this is what I'll eat every day. :-)

          Papri chat also excellent altho I'd prefer something a little crunchier than the crackers they used, perhaps toasted thin naan or pita or something - but that's a minor quibble.

          Chix Tikka masala perfect, hot as requested and loaded with flavor. Tandori chix breast chunks were plentiful and fork tender. Huge portion (just had remainder for lunch).

          Wife loved her Chix with Mango, that also had tandori chix breast so besides sauces they were similar dishes.

          Basmati rice perfect, flavorful and not lumped together as in some places (shame).

          There's tons of super-interesting stuff on the menu, next time we'll branch out.

          Only with it was closer to Delray, I'd be tempted to eat here every day for a few weeks.

        2. Saffron Restaurant is VERY HARD TO FIND in West Palm Beach, but fabulous, authentic food.