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Sep 22, 2010 03:20 AM

Honey and honeycomb

I don't really like honey, but Donna does, so I might get her some really nice stuff for xmas.

Honeycomb looks neat, but it's just wax really. Does it have any health benefits? How do you eat it?

There is clear honey, white honey, and non-clear honey. What are the differences?

Honey apparantly tastes different depending on the flowers it was gathered from. Are there any recommendations? Donna likes rose and violet creams, can you get honey with a hint of this?

*oh, and she usually eats it on toast or crumpets if that makes a difference.

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  1. Honey taste with little (or a lot) different depending on the flowers use to make it, go to a specialty store and have a look; sometimes it's very subtle; you got to taste them.

    Honeycomb, I love it, I usually take a piece (with the honey) chew on it and spit out (cleanly) what's left after sucking all the honey from it, and swallow whatever's left in the mouth! never got sick; I also spread some on toasts with butter.

    "white" honey is simple aerated honey, it makes it easier to spread, does not drip; (as an experience, get a jar of that and put it in a bath of warm water and let it "melt" back to clear).

    non-clear could be non-filtered honey?.


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      Thanks for your advice Max. I've been reading up, and the non-clear might well be slightly crystalised to make it easier to pour.

      There seems to be quite a buzz about the Savannah Bee companies honey. They do some interesting sounding stuff, I'll see whether I can get any in the UK. Anyone tried them?

      1. re: Soop

        I've had quite a few of the honeys from Savannah Bee company. They harvest some of their stuff near my parents' house in Georgia. My favorite is their Winter White, followed by their Tupelo. I've also tried their comb honey, which is very nice. Another company with some interesting honeys is Honey Ridge Farms. In addition to their honey, they also have honey cremes (which might be something Donna would like) and vinegar made from honey. I'm not sure if either company will ship internationally, though. You may want to email them.

        When I eat honeycomb I cut off a chunk with a knife and spread it on a piece of fresh crusty bread. I don't think it has any more health benefits than honey alone, however I like to think it's the freshest way to enjoy honey...since the beeswax seals the honey in, when you cut the comb it's the first time the honey is exposed to air since it left the hive. It's also raw, which is supposed to be the best honey for you.

        My personal favorite honeys are sourwood, gallberry, and black button sage.

        1. re: teemo

          ^ That's really helpful, thankyou.

          I was thinking about getting a honeycomb, since that is tupello honey too, and a winter white. Shipping is $39, so I'm not decided yet, but I think it would be a great gift.

          I'll look up Honey Ridge now :D