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Sep 22, 2010 02:43 AM

New Bedford

I am seeking a great restaurant in New Bedford preferably a Portuguese place for lunch. Also need a great rec for dinner between U Ma Dartmouth and Cape Cod. We love sushi and anything ethnic or seafood. Moderate price range for both, hole in the walls welcome...amazing finds appreciated.

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  1. Antonio's on Coggleshal St. in New Bedford is worthy of its frequent praises here on the board. It qualifies on all your mentions: in New Beige, open for lunch and dinner, moderately priced, a hole in the wall, and terrific Portuguese fare.

    Another great spot in the area is Margarets in Fairhaven. A true out of the way place, Nothing fancy, just great reasonably priced food. Heavy emphasisi on seafood. here's a menu link:

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      Cape Cod Guy, I couldn't agree more with your recommendation of Antonio's, it is really outstanding and each entree is really dinner for two, sometimes even with leftovers. And while you're in New Bedford stop by Sid Wainer's Gourmet Outlet, 2301 Purchase Street, and pick up a loaf of the most wonderful crusty Portuguese bread you've ever had, enjoy the complimentary browsing lunch buffet and examine all the gourmet items in the store. Stop for a bottle of Vino Verdi -- I recommend Casal Garcia -- that would nicely round out your New Bedford experience, all very affordable, and all very special. New Bedford is really a hidden gem and well worth exploring.

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        Thanks Taddy...please where is Casal Garcia and is that a bar or pub? The rec is most appreciated. We are going to the Whaling Museum so will be in that area and then after I am going to UMDartmouth.

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          casal garcia is a white wine.....theres a portuguese tapas place in downtown NB called Cork that is pretty good too,its a little more upscale then antonios.

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            Yes, Casal Carcia is a white wine, it is very light and rather dry and has a hint of sparkle, it is referred to as a green wine and is available everywhere.

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              Antonio's was good. No crowd, nice setting. We had Shrimp Mozambique for an app. Total garlic really nice. My entree I had two codfish cakes. They were sort of blah but ok. My friend had broiled seafood. It was lovely. I had water as I was driving but darn they had the Casal Garcia. Next time.

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            I'm going to be in New Bedford next week-- any other recommendations to pick up at Sid Wainer's??

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              I love good bread and the Portuguese bread at Sid's is really the best, huge and crusty and flavorful, I've never found anything to match it. If you go at more or less noon there is a complimentary tasting buffet and that might help you decide what to buy. Their produce is the very best with heirloom and miniature and exotic everything. I especially love their artichoke spread and marinated artichokes. Their coffee beans are outstanding, my husband is the coffee brewer and when I tell him this is wonderful, what is it, the reply is usually that it comes from Sid's. This is a very high end place but well worth the cost. At the very least, it is an experience. I hope you enjoy it, would love to hear about your visit.

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                Great rec on Sid's. I'd echo taddy's post and add that the olive oils and balsamics are also excellent. I like the Italian couscous, the cheeses, and olive selection as well.

                I'd also like to reiterate to the OP my rec for Margaret's in Fairhaven. Had a terrific lunch there Saturday afternoon. I'll post a short review in a new thread as soon as I can.

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                  Antonio's is the most famous of the Portugese restaurants. EVERYBODY goes! For more modern local cooking head to Margaret's in Fairhaven. It's inexpensive, worth the side trip and you can bring your own wine. Really good.

                  Sometimes Mass. spots appear here:

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          1. I enjoyed dinner at Cork recently. Not out of this world fabulous but really decent all around.

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              we finally went to the place next door to Cork,i think its called Rose Alley.i have seen their ads for awhile now,and finally got a chance to go.its alot better then your average bar food,i had a "brat and a sam seasonal"special,which was a really good brat,good fries wife got "mozabique chicken and shrimp appy",which was plenty enough as an entre,even with me nibbling on a few shrimp,really good mozabique..they even have a pretty good beer selection too..oh yeah,the guy sitting next to use got the wings and they looked awesome,seriously the biggest wings ive ever seen,the guy looked like he was in heaven,next time....

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                The Pour Farm is another good beer bar in town as well.

                1. re: LStaff

                  I can attest to Pour Farm Tavern. A great vibe, and about 20 interesting draught beers.