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Sep 21, 2010 08:49 PM

Range Hood suggestions?

We are purchasing a new home and have been able to spec out the kitchen. One item that is up in the air is the range hood (to go over a Wolf range). Builder suggested a "Best" hood, but one vendor told me they are louder than the Wolf and much louder than a Vent-a-hood is better. This will mount under cabinet.

Any recommendations?

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  1. Go Vent A Hood. We own two and they're the best ever! Easiest to clean with the "magic lung" it means no dust and grease loaded filters to deal with.

    1. Buy more hood then you think you will need. :-) Also, buy one that is "less" noisy. Ask me why .....

      The other thing, make sure the hood is high enough to avoid bumping your head against it while cooking.

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        That said, I'd rather have the hood at the mfr's recommended height (typ ~30" above the cooking surface) and have it work than have it too high so I don't have to duck and then it not work so well.

        I'd also go wider and deeper than the range. We have a VAH that's 42" wide over a 36" range. It's also 27" deep (was no extra charge vs 24" when we bought it).