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Sep 21, 2010 08:05 PM

Can we/should we improve on these plans?

So a group of 10 guys from nyc/sfo are coming to Montreal next month for a bachelor party/ food tour. We are staying down in Old Town and have the following planned:
Thursday night: APDC food coma
Friday:shwartz's after we wake up, Holder for dinner(near the hotel for rendezvousing) and then bachelor festivities. Poutine late night
Saturday:shwartz's after we wake up then a late reservation at the Globe. Poutine late night.
Sunday day: got nothing so maybe Schwartz's?

I would appreciate any type of recommendations for poutine places either in/near old town or near where we are starting out the night.
Also, while I won't admit to straying from schwartz's, if I were to get an abundance of the same recommendations I won't tell if you won't.
We also need a good sports bar near schwartz's or old town that we can watch American college football Saturday afternoon.
Finally, besides the angioplasty and lipitor brunch, how about a good Sunday brunch/lunch before we hit the airport?

Thank you in advance

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  1. There's a sports bar called Champs just up the street a little from Schwartz's. You might want to call and see if they'll be showing your games.

    Champs Bar & Restaurant
    3956 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1Y3 (514) 987-6444

    1. I love it but you only need to go to schwartz's once.
      Consider Patati Patata (best poutine in town) and Romados for same price hangover food...and within a 4 min walk.
      I dont know why you want to go to isnt all that great. Might as well eat somewhere good then spend 5 bucks on a cab to get to st laurent.

      If champs doesn't work try peel pub.

      Patati Patata
      4177 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, QC , CA

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        Yeah, Globe's not really worth your while. Try Garde Manger instead. Just as cool on sat night and the difference in quality is like night and day.

      2. Reservoir does a great brunch. La Banquise is my favourite for poutine and has the advantage of being open 24 hrs. I don't recall ever hearing of a great poutine in Old Montreal ... it's too touristy down there.

        I think Schwartz's really only needs to be done once unless you're particularly obsessed with it and this is your only chance for the foreseeable future. You might try bagels for another classic Montreal breakfast or for greasy hangover breakfast some of my friends like Cosmo's on Sherbrooke W. (inconvenient to get to without a car), but I've never eaten there myself. For more convenient, but super yummy omelettes, crepes, good coffee, try the tiny Chez Jose (you might have some trouble fitting 10 people in all at once though, since it probably only seats about 20 total).

        I hesitate to suggest Au Petit Marche as a huge breakfast joint that should be able to easily accommodate 10 people. We liked it for many years, but had such horrendously mean/rude service the last time that we swore never to return. However, this may have been a blip with just a really horrible and incompetent pair of servers.

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        1. re: eoj

          cosmos is a bad idea for a group of 10 since they are just a counter of about 10 seats.

          1. re: C70

            Ah, good to know. As I said, I've never been there myself.

        2. The BIG issue : 10 persons.
          comments on your (and others suggestions)

          APdC : I hope you have a reservation (and be certain to re-confirm at least twice just because you will be 10)
          schwartz ... is small; you won't go in all at once, especially if there's a lineup.
          Garde Manger : AFAIK, does not take large group.
          Patati-Patata : good and fun again, very small, (no reservation)
          Globe : have not heard from that in a long while, and never related to food.

          2029 Rte Du Carrefour Val Des, Val-Des-Monts, QC J0X, CA

          1. Beautys might be an idea for breakfast. It's a diner, great food, you might have to wait in line a bit, but Hymie likes to bring in the big spenders & tourists so you'll probably do just fine.