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Sep 21, 2010 07:58 PM

Mamasita (Melbourne)

I want to start by saying, this is just one opinion and maybe the things that bother me, will not bother you.

I thought the food at Mamasita was delicious, but I don't think I will be going back and here are my reasons-

I don't mind waiting at all, and am willing to wait an hour for dinner -but- I would like to sit down and have a drink, or I would be happy to leave a mobile number and go sit somewhere else. We were first in a very long line that is along a stairway, so it isn't easy to sit down. Then we were told we could wait by the bar, which was about three or four layers deep with people, but when we said we didn't want to eat at the bar, then we weren't allowed to sit at the bar.

Almost all the seating in Mamasita is bar style tall stools, which aren't so comfortable if you are short, and even if you aren't sitting at the bar, some of the other seating is counter style.

And finally the music is very loud.

In a different setting, I would go back for the food.

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  1. DebbieAnn, just had a tweet to say that The Foodies' Guide to Melbourne 2011 is in-store from next Friday October 1st.

    1. I keep hearing this over and over and over... I've waited twice for 30 minutes and then jetted off to Bar Lourinha, as I just can't take it any longer. They have to sort out there customer service and/or booking policy.

      1. I was with debbieann and was eagerly anticipating what I had heard was the best Mexican food in Melbourne. Being from San Francisco, and having grown up regularly visiting Mexico I was quite hopeful. The food was excellent (see for some photos from the evening.) I was especially happy to find huitlacoche. It WAS the best Mexican I've found in Australia (well, except for when I cook Mexican, but I digress.


        However the wait, especially standing in a crowded stairwell was so unpleasant that I doubt I'll go back - and I'm a fan of "no bookings." The venue, once we were seated, reminded me of a noisy crowded pub, the seats were uncomfortable and we were seated at a counter after saying we'd rather not sit at the bar. So despite my craving for the great mexican food, it isn't worth it to me to return.

        1. wow i must have lucked out! went there last week for lunch, around 1pm and no wait (though yes, bar stool seating not the most comfortable), it was noisy, but i didn't mind it, as it seemed like a bustling lunch hour type thing. the food was really good. maybe if i had tried going for dinner i might have experienced some of the issues the other posters had...