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Sep 21, 2010 07:13 PM

Canned Pumpkin

I was wandering if anyone has seen any canned pumpkin in the stores? I haven't and I am wondering if we are going to get any this season.

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  1. Our grocery store has an empty shelf... and a sign saying that it's due to the great pumpkin shortage and they'll have some in before Thanksgiving. I just hope they get it soon! I loooooove pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread.

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    1. re: Kajikit

      One store had a sign saying the LIbby's and store brand pumpkin would be out of stock due to the pumpkin shortage, but an organic brand would be available.

      Another store had some Libby's cans on the shelf- I bought a bunch.

    2. Sometimes fresh yams are a good sub.i prefer it over punpkin for pie.

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      1. re: dcrf

        Or Sweet Potatoes. Heck, they're even cheaper than canned pumpkin, super easy to prepare (prick a few holes in the skin, bake for an hour, scoop), and you know exactly what you're getting. I wouldn't let a "shortage" of canned pumpkin prevent me from serving the world's second best pie.

        1. re: FrankD

          Sweet potato pie is better than pumpkin pie....

          1. re: Karl S

            Perhaps. But the best pie in the world is/was my mom's apple pie.

      2. I've had to look for it in a few different places of the supermarket.
        It can be with the canned fruit or the baking aisle area or even the produce section.
        It is in our market now cause I saw it last week.
        I like to buy a few cans when I do see it there as there are several times during the season that I have use for canned pumpkin.

        1. Too early. Read the other threads from this past year about last season's crop failure.

          1. Well, it might be too early, and every store I've checked has been out for months, but my husband found large cans of Libby's, the pure pumpkin, at Safeway earlier this week. Maybe some stock person found a hidden stash...little does Safeway know how much I would have been willing to pay for that canned pumpkin, instead of the regular price that we paid.