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Sep 21, 2010 04:53 PM

Good meal for a foodie/non-foodie couple?

Have been browsing the site for a few days and am still unsure of where to go, so any help would be appreciated!

My husband and I are coming into the city for our 3rd wedding anniversary this upcoming weekend, and are trying to pick a place for dinner for Saturday night. The rest of the weekend will be relatively cheap eats around the city, but Saturday I want to take him out. Looking to see it at a max of 100$ with tip(we don't really drink that much, though he might have a glass of wine)

The problem is that we have such different tastes, I am ok with a vegan melange of something or other, where as he is more than happy eating really good chicken parmesan, we both like a steak, but again price is a consideration so it would likely be something like steak frites,etc.

I eat seafood, but he is allergic to shellfish(NOT dangerously) so a seafood place is also out.

Preferably somehwere we can get by metro/transit, though we will have a car if necessary, and if it is a factor we are in our mid-late 20's.

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  1. If you want a vegan something, Chu Chai, a Thai vegan place, is usually quite popular with non-vegans since the (terrible sounding, but actually really good) fake meat/seafood keeps it from feeling like overly healthy/granola/hippie food. It's maybe not as special as what you're looking for, though.

    You'd probably both enjoy somewhere like Lemeac, which does French bistro food and will have some simple classics to appeal to the less adventurous, but is all very good food and will keep a foodie happy too. You'd probably have to go for the $22 after 22h00 deal to keep it within your budget. One of the smaller BYOBs or bistros might more easily fit your budget and still be enjoyable for both of you.

    Chu Chai
    4088 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M5, CA

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      For that budget that's about 43$/persone without tip.

      Since you have a car, there is an excellent restaurant in Lachine called O'Saveur. Honestly, it tops steak at La Queue de Cheval and the seafood was excellent. Only opens certain nights, you need reservations as it's pretty small and exclusive. It's a BYOB. Keep an eye for local celebrities, and save some room for desert =)

      Lemeac also came to my mind. You could fit it within your budget if you go for the 22h00, 22$ table d'hote which includes appetizer + main course + coffee/tea. For that price you could probably have some wine or desert too. Just have a little something like a muffin at 5pm to calm the hunger.

      Chu Chai is excellent but since there is no meat, i don't know if your husband would go for it.

      Au Coin Berbere is an excellent morocain place. The table d'hote is quite reasonable and the service is friendly. The decor is unpretentious. They bring a bowl of couscous, a bowl of vegetable stew to pour over it and you meat of choice on the side. A nice comforting meal.

      Chu Chai
      4088 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M5, CA

      Au Coin Berbere
      73 Av Duluth E, Montreal, QC H2W1G9, CA

      1. re: SourberryLily

        Sourberry what is the story with O'Saveurs? Do they do buffet only? I can't make sense of their menu with all the (min 8 people) offerings. Is there no a la carte? It's quite confusing.

        1. re: ios94

          They seem to only have the catering menu online, hence the 8 people minimum.

          1. re: ios94

            you could book at F for appetizers or glass or wine or cocktail and then head to lemeac, it is on line of either bus 129 or bus 80 which is near F but parking is free on street after 6pm on saturdays so would be easy to find a place for your car on laurier or side streets around lemeac, you can check out menus at both places to see if they appeal.
            The advantage of eating in downtown area is that people do eat late so you wont be alone in restaurant and there is more of an ambience of the city which you came to visit. There are also coloured fountain displays outside of bar F 8, 9, 10pm and lots of other free activities that weekend which is cultural weekend in montreal and there are free buses to different sites

            You should really book now, I would suggest bring your own booze places to keep down cost but if you dont drink much then maybe not worth it and they are less centrally located

            1. re: ios94

              If you go to the main site, to the left you see it's actually a high end catering service. I know them because my office started ordering... then recently they opened up a bistro and a restaurant opened only on some nights. Went there on 3 occasions, food was sublime.

              I'm surprised they didn't post their restaurant menu, maybe because some of it changes depending on the chef's mood. I agree that they ought to, though i don't think they plan on expanding beyond their neighborhood.

              I can tell you i had the Bavette Au Bleu which was divine and i even my meatlover boyfriend loved the veggies. The vegetable side dishes were given equal attention then the main course, i think mine was some mushrooms and asparagus in a sauce. They have things like quail, rabbit, different cuts of meat, seafood. It is mainly a steakhouse, no pasta here.

              I highly recommend them for locals. Maybe Lachine is too far for tourists though :)

              1. re: SourberryLily

                Ah ok, makes sense. What the price point on their mains, $20-25 I'm assuming.

                I also just noticed on their website they have "Bistro" and "Restaurant" 1285 and 1299 Notre Dame. WHich did you go to? I'm assuming the bistro is a bit more casual?

                1. re: ios94

                  They are literally next door to each other. I alway sat on the restaurant side but i think at night, the bistro side is also the "restaurant".

                  Last i went was in early spring. The menu ranges from 22$-35$ (35 being the table d'hote or surf&turf) if i recall. Oh and there are two seatings : 6:30 and 8pm i believe. I reco. the second seating so you will not feel rushed if they are packed.