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Sep 21, 2010 04:33 PM

Two Hips Chicks will be in Rome for 6 days

We are hip chicks! We are looking for economical, non-touristy local gems to dine at in Rome. I know there are lots of posts, but please throw bones at me for hip local places, places al fresco of the local scene....Holla!

One of our apts is near the Spanish Steps.

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  1. you are looking for the same thing as most other posters here (maybe we dont all claim to be hip!) al fresco is mostly a summer thing and summer is ending....

    two specific ideas, in addition to the recommended scrolling through recent Rome posts - look at katie parla's blog, parlafood - second, put your apt address into the restaurant search - you will come up with a list or restaurants near your apt. third, Im no expert but there seem to be some areas that attract a younger non-tourist crowd - san lorenzo, garbatello-ostiense and flaminio-ponte milvio seem to be some of them. You may want to look into reccomendations in those areas in addition to the touristic zones. finally, why not just strike out and see what you fancy if you will be in Rome for a while.

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      I agree with Jen's suggestions - a minimal amount of research is not too much to ask of new posters before we give further answers to specific questions.
      About the areas Jen is suggesting: Flaminio/Ponte Milvio is mostly a rather young (under 20) crowd and is not what it used to be since they outlawed standing around with a beer bottle or a glass in your hand. San Lorenzo is student-y (read shabby/alternative) chic, Garbatello is very very nice but I don't know if hip chicks will be interested in the crowd there, and then there is Pigneto, which has very nice bars, restaurants etc.

      1. re: vinoroma

        Yeah, but these are two hip chicks. Got no time to do stinking research or rifle through oh-so-voluminious recent Rome restaurant posts here. Need to be told where to go and what to do and make it pronto.

        May I suggest the area round Termini at, say, nearing midnight? There will surely be those interested in a good time hanging about, eager to engage in friendly discourse with American hippie chicks. Party on!!

        1. re: wristband

          Wristband, tsk-tsk!

          I'm no expert in Roman hipness either, but from what I have observed, the hip people of Rome do not hang out in economical local places but gravitate to pricier "see and be seen" places.

          1. re: zerlina

            Hang out in Testaccio neighborhood, great restaurants, then end up at the "Cave". Music and "HIP"

            1. re: ospreycove

              And Checchino dal 1887 is nearby; just perfect for two hip chicks.

          2. re: wristband

            Ha ha - you read us like a book!