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Sep 21, 2010 04:09 PM

In Addison: is it possible to get great brisket tacos without going all the way to Mia's?

Hello DFW hounds;

I am here in Addison for a meeting for just a few days. Have a few good recommendations from the boards, and from former Dallas hounds who now live in SF area (going to try Kenny's Wood fired grill tonight) I won't go hungry. However...

the brisket tacos at Mia's keep calling my name. I know I would LOVE them...brisket in a tortilla with gravy: it's for me. I can't get them at home (shredded beef tacos exist, but seem to always be made with inferior beef with little flavor and no gravy or jus), even though Mexican food is otherwise fairly available.

So, can I find anything similar up this way, or do I really need to bite the CH bullet and take a taxi 11 miles down to Mia's? Yes, I thought about renting a car, but otherwise wouldn't need it, and work discourages it, even when taxis are as costly.

Not asking for Mexican, or Tex-Mex, recommendations, generally. Specifically want brisket tacos. or if not, are there any non-Mexican places for great brisket near Addison?

Thanks! I will report back on any finds!

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  1. I'd check Manny's Uptown. Menu has multiple brisket options.

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      I agree with the Manny's rec. Their brisket tacos won't be as good as Mia's but they are pretty tasty and the best I can think of in Addison. It's on Midway just a little south of Belt Line.

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        hmm...this looks like it could well be the perfect compromise, thanks!

        so, what do you think of the chile rellenos? (I notice they are the Wedn night special).

        Quick report back on Kenny's (will try to say more later); very good martinis, service wasn't great though he tried hard, ribs really were very good, especially with sauce on the side, as I ordered them. Unfortunately, jet lag or something had gotten to both me and my dining companion, and neither one of us could do justice to the Texas size portions...

        1. re: susancinsf

          This is probably too late, but I think the rest of the menu is just okay, nothing special. I haven't had the chile rellenos.

          I have also been to Mena's and it's good too but a bit further away if you're cabbing it.

      2. Just a couple miles north of Addison there is a place called Mena's. Great brisket tacos. Place doesn't get much press, but it has been there several years. Its on Marsh Lane at Trinity Mills. Good margaritas also.

        1. Report back:

          Sigh: I was on my way out of my hotel (The Intercontental) to try Manny's, when I was cornered by some colleagues in the lobby. They were insistent I join them for dinner, and I didn't know a good way to get out of it..

          as it happens, they were heading to Blue Mesa Grill, which is almost just across the street (but streets are big in that neighborhood, basically Blue Mesa Grill is about three blocks from the Intercontinental by the time you cross the street and walk through the parking lot of the shopping complex where it is located. Anyway, point is, it is an easy walk from the hotel, which is probably why my colleagues chose it.)

          I gather it is a chain, and it certainly has a chain-like feel. That said, in a serendipitous stroke of luck, I was pleased we went as soon as we were seated (promptly, it's a big place), and realized that they were running their annual hatch chile festival with lots of specials involving hatch chiles available.

          First special was the best of them all: a 'margarita' made with tequila, fresh grapefruit juice (the menu said pink grapefruit, but it wasn't. not a big deal, however), fresh lime juice, a bit of agave syrup, and strips of hatch chiles. This was a winner, a cross between a salty dog and a margarita (I asked for it with salt on the rim), with no mixer, all fresh ingredients except the syrup, and a touch of heat and flavor from the chiles. Came home and told hubby to work on recreating it in our home bar. Recommended.

          chips and two salsas, one green and one red, were brought immediately. Both salsas were average and not very hot, though the red had a bit more flavor. the tortilla chips were just average, but the bowl also contained some sweet potato chips, that tasted freshly house-made. I tried not to fill up on them, but they were quite addictive....

          I skipped an appetizer (who needed one with that drink and those sweet potato chips?); for a main I got the hatch chiles rellenos on the special menu. You are given a choice of two or three chiles and a choice of cheese, shredded chicken, or cheese and shrimp as a filling. I got two: one chicken, one shrimp and cheese.

          Plate came with average rice, good black beans, and a tooth-achingly sweet lump of corn cake.

          As for the chiles: two lovely (though not very hot) battered hatch chiles, each with a different sauce (red, probably with peppers, for the chicken, smoked and creamy and yellow (perhaps with pipian?) for the shrimp and cheese). Sauce and batter on both was nice and did not overpower the chiles or the dish, so props for that. The chicken filling was very good; flavorful and juicy. Filling wasn't as successful on the shrimp and cheese: only one shrimp (!) and I am not sure it was all that fresh, mostly cheese. I'd definitely order the dish again, with two or three chiles, all chicken filled. Too bad there wasn't a beef (picadillo) alternative.

          One colleague also had the rellenos, and enjoyed them, the other ordered the plate of street tacos, chicken and steak IIRC and said it was average. It was not until I had ordered that I realized that brisket tacos actually are an option on the street taco plate. I would have been tempted, but the opportunity to try the hatch rellenos might have won out anyway. Not sure. I wasn't hungry enough for both, but I probably should have tried the brisket anyway. Still craving it a bit now that I am back home....

          anyway, back to my dinner: the rellenos were about $13, which is certainly a good value for the freshness and quality. (other than that one shrimp...). Blue Mesa Grill isn't a destination place IMO, but is a good option within walking distance of the Intercontinental, particularly if one doesn't want to eat at Kenny's Woodfired Grill every night....

          After dinner we walked past the Italian gelato place in the same shopping center (sorry, can't remember the name, but it is also a chain), and I had a few samples. I loved the idea of the watermelon/mint, but it was waaayyy to sweet. Everything I tried there was too sweet, and while my colleague got (and enjoyed) the salty caramel, I decided to skip dessert.

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            1. re: susancinsf

              Blue Mesa's sweet potato chips are great when fresh. It's one of my favorite complimentary items; the other being Gloria's (another local chain within a stone's throw from Blue Mesa) black bean dip. Blue Mesa does a pretty good (and affordable) Sunday brunch if you ever have that opportunity.

              The gelato place was Paciugo which isn't bad in my experience. I do like that they branch out into some unusual flavors (different by location).

              Enjoyed your thorough reports on your trip.

              1. re: amokscience

                yep, those chips were definitely fresh; still warm in fact. yum!

                Thanks for supplying the name of the gelato place. Yes, I was definitely intrigued by some of the flavors, but for me at least, it didn't execute. However, fwiw, I tend to like my gelato and ice cream less sweet than some do....

              2. re: susancinsf

                Thanks for the report...i actually like Blue Mesa quite a bit because they have a healthy spa chicken and spinach enchilada dish that i don't feel completely guilty after eating. It comes with asparagus and sweet potato and it's pretty tasty. When I'm not counting calories i like that chicken adobe pie.