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Sep 21, 2010 03:54 PM

Restaurant near Coca Cola museum?

Is their a great place to eat near the Coke Museum/Plant that you could recommend for lunch? Something moderately priced would be great!!Thanks!

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    1. What day of the week? Do you have kids? What sort of food are you looking for?

      If it's during the week, Broad Street has some great cheap lunch options. Dua is solid Vietnamese food. Rosa's Pizza is another favorite.

      On the weekend, you could walk to Slice on Poplar for pizza. If you've got a smartphone, you can get the scoutmob app and get half off!

      1. If you have a car, there are several great places on N Marietta/Holcombe Bridge. If you're willing to go about 10 minutes (5 on a Sat), you could run up to Star Provisions. The store is in the front space of Baccanalia-- the Baccanalia kitchen does the cooking for th lunch counter. You will spend $10 for a sandwich, but several of them are sublime. I recommend the fried fish on fresh brioches bun or any of the po-boys. The bakery has scrumptious cookies. A bit closer (but still on Marietta) is Spoon Thai. Really really good. You can well for $10.

        Star Provisions
        1198 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

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          YIKES!! I meant Howell Mill, not Holcombe Bridge. Need more coffee!

        2. Also, there is a very nice Latin place, La Fonda, that is moderately priced with a great range of choices, particularly if you have kids. It on Howell Mill, before you get to Star Procisions. I had the grilled fish burrrito yesterday. They have a great patio.

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            FYI, La Fonda is a local chain that I believe is owned by the same folks as Fellini's (yum) and Fat Matt's (yuck). There are several locations around town (Candler Park, Buckhead, and Roswell Rd pop to mind).

            Other places I like in the area are Bocado (my wife's numero uno, though maybe not a bargain lunch), Six Feet Under, 5 Seasons Brewing Westside, Carver's (weekdays), or Antico Pizza (based on rec.s since we haven't been yet but have wildly enthusiastic friends.

            1. re: ted

              I think you're right about La Fonda, Ted. I've been to a couple of their other locations, I think this location has the best food. I've been disapointed by Six Feet Under.

              Six Feet Under
              437 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

              1. re: carolfb

                Really? I haven't ventured far through the menu, but they fill the inexpensive, fried seafood niche that there wasn't a good choice for a long time. I dig their po boys, and usually get fried okra as my side- it's done whole sliced lengthwise unlike the pre-breaded stuff everyone else sells. Oh and they have an awesome beer list and a great view from the roof at either location.

                My favorite La Fonda was in L5P, but that was back in ~'92. Wonder what happened to the Sicilian (I think) guy who used to serve there. He was at Eclipse di Luna for a while many years later.

                Eclipse di Luna
                764 Miami Circle, Suite 138, Atlanta, GA 30324