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Sep 21, 2010 03:31 PM

I have a large amount of frozen smoked salmon but...

I have no idea how to turn it into something edible.

I can thaw it, thats easy. I cant eat it though, because I dont know what to do after the thaw.

Advice would be great, thanks.

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  1. Put it in a cream pasta with capers, lemon and dill.
    Put it on sliced rye with cream cheese and lemon.
    Put it in a fritatta.
    Sliced on a plate with more lemon and capers.

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    1. re: eatrustic

      Your freezer must look a bit like mine.

      I prefer SS in a spicy dry pasta 'sauce'-the habit some people have of adding heavy fat (cream cheese/sour cream) to SS is a travesty IMNSHO.

      It's also great as a pizza topping and a secondary fill for Quesadillas.

      Fritatta is too much work around here but SS w/scrambled eggs/green onion is a great brekkie-or lunch-or dinner even.

      Crumbled into a salad w/Butter Lettuce/Red Onion/Avocado always works.

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        Ditto & ditto

        with pasta - some garlic, a few veggies, olive oil & voila!

        and with eggs. It's great as a substitute in eggs benny too.!

        i like sam's idea of it in a quesadilla - will have to try that the next time we have some tortillas in the house!

        Hey - sam - fritatta's are "easy peasy" !

        1. re: robinsegg

          Thanks very much for the tips, but I just want to eat it. Can I just filet it after the thaw and eat it like that?

          1. re: Cocoa Beware

            That is what I end up doing with smoked salmon. I just eat it straight up. Too tasty.

            1. re: peter.v

              Ill try that thanks very much Peter.

            2. re: Cocoa Beware

              whenever friends drop by unexpectedly first thing i do is whip out a filet of my salmon... just throw it on a cheese board with a dollop of cream cheese, a few olives and pickels whatever you have on hand and some good crackers... no need to defrost, usually by the time you get everything else on the plate and pour everyone a drink it has defrosted... everyone thinks you've slaved for hours... always a hit!