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best ceviche in town?

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  • modernist Sep 20, 2005 09:34 PM

where is the best ceviche in town?

if you say siete mares on sunset. i dont need your input but thanks anyway.

specifically im looking for something perhaps in east la or even highland park area. not interested in fine dining ceviche. i live in silverlake and work in culver city but dont think good ceviche exists in this area. but if im wrong and you really know what youre talking about, im willing to try. im looking for something like i had while travelling beach areas of mexico! fresh!

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  1. Don't know if it's up to your standards, but I always enjoy it at Senor Fish in Eagle Rock.

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      I second Senor Fish - it's my favorite! I've had it at their locations in South Pasadena and Duarte.

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        Senor Fish's in Eagle Rock is the best I have had in outside of Mexico. Be aware they are quite often out of it on Sunday's.

        1. re: Chowpatty

          Another vote for Senor Fish, the only time I've had better is when my wife made some fresh.

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            This suprises me. I am a die-hard Senor Fish fan, EXCEPT when it comes to cocktail or ceviche. Theirs seems to fail more often than not, and frequently smells/tastes "fishy." I go elsewhere for ceviche. But you just can't beat their grilled fish tacos and shrimp & scallop burritos.

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              This is a really old thread rivergirrl -- as it happens I agree with you that there are much better offerings at SF than the ceviche.

              I am glad you revived it, though, as it would be nice to hear what folks think about the question these days.

              I will put in a plug for
              El Coraloense C O Leonardo's Ceviche Co in Bell Gardens.

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                Best cerviche (Peruvian style) is at El Paron on Beverly Blvd near Atlantic with a head on view of the metro rail. Call ahead because this stuff is FRESH made, so theres a wait. Fish is divine, big chunks, with a pitcher of the broth on the side to keep things going. I think a serving is about $12. They also have heart anticuchos (sp) which are incredible.
                Low on atmorphere, high on quality and service.

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                  El Pollon?

                  1. re: JAB

                    El Pollon.

                  2. re: ZoeZ

                    Googling this place only yields your post. Can you give any more info? An address? East or west of Atlantic? Signage out front?

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                      And the website is not up evidently as clicking on the hyperlink goes to a placeholder page.

                  3. re: Ciao Bob

                    I will put in a plug for
                    El Coraloense C O Leonardo's Ceviche Co in Bell Gardens.
                    or Downey until 3 am. There is no other place in the entire city/county of LA to get ceviche at 3am, with the exception of your auntie's backyard.

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                      Sounds great next time I hit up the club in Bell Gardens.

                  4. re: rivergirrl

                    No love for La Cervicheria?

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                      I love La Cevicheria on Pico!
                      The servers are always helpful and friendly, and they have several variations on the ceviche theme.

                      On Saturdays they do a good lunch business and we have had to wait for a table. If there is a "good" soccer game on the TV, the wait can be very long.

                2. Since your in Culver city, as well There is a great place on Lincoln near venice. I can get the name for you if you are intrested.
                  it is just like the vendors in mexico!

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                    La Playita on Lincoln, north of Rose, west side of street.

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                      i am interested. and location too please...

                    2. Babita Restaurant
                      1823 South San Gabriel Blvd
                      San Gabriel
                      (626) 288-7265

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                        Babita does care about its ceviche, and they source excellent fish. Another good one, in a similar style but in much funkier surroundings, is Mariscos Sinaloa on York in Highland Park: plain, fresh fish; scrupulously clean kitchen; decent, citrusy marinade. Tacos Baja Ensenada on the Eastside, of course, has great ceviche too - I love the pata de mula.

                        1. re: condiment

                          Couldn't agree more on Mariscos Sinaloa.

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                            Is Mariscos Sinaloa the place that looks like an old Taco Bell, on the north side of York? if that's it, that's what I was going to recommend.

                      2. I like Las Quenas on Sherman Way and Bellaire in North Hollywood... it's Peruvian-style, though, which means you get the sweet potato and the small chunk of corn on the cob along with the ceviche.

                        1. My current favorite is Los Balcones on Vine and De Longpre in Hollywood.

                          1. taqueria vista hermosa makes a great one, and also great shrimp tacos, this is a mexican joint though not peruvian.

                            1. I grew up on thick chunky fish only Ceviche with lots of onions, SHARP lemon juice marinade with slices of chile and buttery avocado. Also because I'm a bit picky on fish, I perfer mine made with Halibut.

                              The best restaurant Ceviche I've had is Enriques in Long Beach, big nuggest of fish and lots of creamy avocado. In ELA, I've a similiar ceviche at Tamayos. But more often than not, I make mine at home.

                              I also have been known to make due with flaked/minced ceviche when short on time.(The kind they sell at taco stands and cheaper take out places). The best of this type actally comes from Gonzalez Market, very dense fresh fish and sharp lemon tang. I buy a packages of Paradiso tostadas (Superior brand to Los Pericos!), sprinkle on some El Yucateco Hot sauce on top on the ceviche and craving killed.


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                                where is gonzales market?

                                1. re: modernist

                                  There are several Gonzalez markets, also known as Northgate markets... This is my favorite chain of Mexican Supermarkets, clean and great CHEAP selection of all sorts of Mexican and Latin Foods (Their fried chicken is also I think the best supermarket fried chicken! SUPER thick crunchy tasty batter!!! Hmmmm!!! :)

                                  Here's the website, perhaps there is one near you! :)



                                  1. re: Dommy!

                                    awesome. thanks!

                              2. On the corner of Washington Blvd and San Pedro (NE corner)- south of the 10 freeway and east of the 110. Don't remember the name but it's a little shack that's been around for years and has the best cerviche - all different types - shrimp only, seafood combo, etc. Limited seating and parking. You'll see business people, cops, locals, all types at this little hole in the wall.

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                                  If you head half a block south on San Pedro there is a Marisco place that has some good seafood. If you wanna go a bit father south, about half a mile from there, there is a lunch truck that serves nothing but seafood. they also have great food and are always busy!

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                                    I know this thread is old, but found it by searching mariscos on S. San Pedro and Washington. This place is really good for ceviche mixtas and cocteles mixtas. It was a really small blue concrete structure, but the last time I went it was a lonchera. Very friendly people running this business, too. Like I said, the food is excellent, menu simple.

                                  2. In the same vein, I had a delicious white fish ceviche at Frontera Grill in Chicago which had green olives in it. Is there any like that in the LA area?

                                    1. c
                                      can't talk...eating

                                      The best ceviche I've had in L.A., as recommended to me from a local, was from one of the two trucks that park along Figueroa St. at Sycamore Grove Park in Highland Park. I think I've posted this on this board before, but exit the 110 at Ave. 43 and turn left to Fig. Turn right and go about a mile to the park, which will be on your right. One of the trucks is much better than the other(s?), so I'd get one from each. There are picnic tables nearby where you can eat, but the tucks usually set up a couple tables. You'll have a lot of company at lunch, cops, businessmen, locals, etc.

                                      There's also a seafood place on the north side of York up by Ave. 51 in Eagle Rock (I think there's "Sinaloa" in the name) that is pretty good. There's parking in the back. They were using thick, crunchy tortilla shells the last time I was there.

                                      Good eatin'.


                                      1. El Pescador No.9

                                        5230 N. Figueroa
                                        Highland Park, CA 90242

                                        great seafood all around!

                                        1. http://www.lasquenasrestaurant.com/ AMAZING CEVICHE!

                                          1. If you're entertaining, you might want to pick up one (or more) of the varieties at Vallarta Market. It's roughly $5/pound and it goes great with either tostadas or the super thick and crunchy Vallarta tortilla chips.

                                            The last time I had a party, I set up a 'serve yourself' ceviche station with El Metate tostadas and Vallarta chips with 2 types of fresh ceviche: fish and shrimp. On the side, I loaded separate serving dishes with diced avocadoes and cotija cheese along with a big bottle of Tapatio. On an adjacent table, I had a brushed aluminum ice bucket (with a bottle opener fastened to the handle) filled with Dos Equis Lager and plenty of ice. I also placed a salt shaker and a plate with lime wedges next to the beer bucket.

                                            This was clearly the hit of the party.

                                            1. I really liked the wares at the old Mo Chicas.

                                              1. I haven't tried them all, but I'm quite comfortable recommending Coni' Seafood in Inglewood. A classic hole in the wall.

                                                On the higher end of the scale - Picca - where you get it Peruvian style.

                                                1. Picca has excellent ceviche.