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Sep 21, 2010 03:02 PM

Pumpkin Festival Keene

Looks like I am going to this with a bunch of friends. What can I expect?

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  1. A ton of people (and pumpkins), really, I've heard great things about it, not necessarily for food, but the fun of it. The Peak into Peterborough fest is the same weekend if for some reason you're not enjoying Keene.

    1. It was recently announced that this may be the last year for the festival, so it may even more crowded than usual. The display of the lighted pumpkins at night is very cool. There are food vendors on Main Street in addition to the restaurants downtown who are mostly non-profits selling a variety of food/drinks. Here's the link to the festival's home page.

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        Besides the food vendors are there are restaurants in downtown Keene that I should try?

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          Our current favorites are not in Keene proper. Pearl Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Peterborough (Rt.202 just off Rt. 101) has great Asian fusion cuisine, fresh oysters and great cocktails.

          Cantine Mexican Kitchen (in the same strip mall as Pearl) is not the usual Tex/Mex restaurant and has interesting entrees and cocktails.

          Burdick's Chocolates/Restaurant in Walpole (north of Keene) is nice for a special dinner or weekend brunch.

          Sunflower's Cafe on Main Street in Jaffrey (southeast of Keene) is a nice place for lunch or dinner

          In Keene proper, we like Thai Garden on Main Street and Luca's at the top of the Central Square

          If you're looking for a casual lunch/beverage on the way and are on Rt. 101 in Dublin, the Dublin General Store is a great place to stop.

          I think it might be tough to get a nice restaurant meal in Keene proper during the festival due to the crowds. We usually just snack from the various vendors on the street when we go. Have fun!

          Thai Garden
          118 Main St, Keene, NH 03431