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Sep 21, 2010 02:20 PM

I need help with Naples

I'm going on business to Europe for a week (London, Brussells, Amsterdam, Naples). I will finish the week in Naples on a Friday and plan to return back to the USA on Sunday. I'm trying to avoid going to Rome since I only have the saturday to spare so I'm planning to stay in Naples. I'm putting aside the horror stories and I'm looking to enjoy myself that saturday. Recommendations and advices are welcome. Looking for reco for lunch and dinner . A visit to Sorrento (lunch?) is not out of the questions (thinking to take the ferry). However, I think that my best bet is to stay and enjoy Naples.

Looking forward to hear from you !


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  1. You can spend an interesting day in Naples; you can visit Pompeii for a half-day; you can take a ferry to Sorrento or Capri. But you will certainly eat better in Naples than in Sorrento or Capri.

    Do a search for recent Naples threads.

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      Thanks Zerlina,

      No Pompeii this time. Looks that I'm staying in Naples.



    2. I was just in Naples where I had the best pizza of my LIFE, recommended by a Napolitan friend. If you go, stick with the basic toppings (marinara or margherita) and you may not be mercilessly ridiculed by locals.

      Pizzeria Sorbillo
      Via dei Tribunali, 32 80138 Napoli (Campania), Italy

      I would not recommend eating in Sorrento - I think each and every restaurant in the town caters specifically to English tourists.

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          Many of the best eating restaurants in Naples are listed on our Restaurant page.

          please note, the google maps links currently are not working on the rest pages but you can recreate easily by searching on google using restaurant name and italian version of city name, i.e. matozzi napoli

          we really enjoyed hosteria toledo, ciro a santa brigida and al stanza del gusto on our most recent visit and were sorry not to be able to visit europeo e matozzi, vadinchenia, and many other places. It would probably be hard to have a bad meal at the places on the list. and prices are very good.

        2. re: nochainsplease

          notwithstanding this advice, my favorite Naples pizza (eaten at Sorbillo) was their sausage and friarelli white pizza. I was not noticeably ridiculed.

        3. I say stay in Naples. My best meals were: at Starita a materdei for pizza--they have a long and creative menu of pies, and they serve fried pizza dough with chocolate for dessert. Pizzeria Pellone (on via nazionale near the train station) for a calzone (this giant and beautifully fried beast was filled with salami and ricotta and could have served an army). Da Donato a trattoria and pizzeria near the train station as well that had the best antipasto of my trip (and excellent pizza with pomodorini).

          People really seem to like Europeo Mattozzi on Campodisola Marchese for both pizza and their fixed price dinners. I didn't get there, sadly. I did have a great meal at another unrelated Mattozzi on Piazza Carita, where I had a good salame pizza and a fantastic eggplant and tomato side (I think called eggplant parmagiane but not what you would mean by that in english) which had the most concentrated and delicious tomato sauce I have ever tasted.

          In my experience, the top pizzerias according to the guidebooks (Sorbillo, Di Mateo, Da Michele) impressed me less (on the totally questionable evidence of single visits where I tried a maximum of two pies) than the places mentioned above.

          In Sorrento I had the worst pizza of the trip (still totally fine). If you do choose Sorbillo--there can be massive line ups--so eating early is better than late---and I also ate the Friarelli and Sausage pizza there and do remember being pretty pleased with the crust.

          1. Stay in Naples, and enjoy everything from the streetmarkets like the one at Pignasecca (nr via Toledo) as well as swankier spots like Piazza dei Martiri, Chiaia, and Vomero. Make sure to have a classic sweet from Pasticceria Scaturchio. Finally, if you really need to get away for part of the day, the ferry to the relatively untouristed and colorful island of Procida takes one hour. There are many great recs for eating all across Naples on CH.

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            1. re: bob96

              There have been reports that Pasticceria Scaturchio has gone bankrupt/been sold.

              1. re: zerlina

                indeed - it looks like both those things are true.

                It will be interesting to hear whether its still in operation and producing the same good stuff.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Jen, you must have alternate recs for world class pastiera, sfogliatelle, and baba. It's been a while since we were in Naples.

              2. re: bob96

                I hear you !! Hopefully I finish my business meeting at a decent time and evade the classical dinner invitation to talk more business. I reading a lot of positives on Hosteria Toledo. Da Dora I'm getting mixed reviews . In Vomero, I read La Notizia for Pizza is great. I'm staying away from the reco's from guidebooks etc.

                Thanks for the advice


                1. re: domenexx

                  Not sure if you have left for Napoli yet or not. Just returned from a wonderful week there. HIGHLY recommend La Chitarra in Spaccanapoli. They are members of the Slow Food movement and offer dining that sends you into raptures. Small, local restaurant, menu in Italian (the owner/waiter will help out), red/white check table cloths, sister cooks in the back with quality and refinement you have to taste to believe. Moderate prices. They are on a side street off via Mezzocannone and seem to only be known by locals who recommended it to us. La Chittara Tel: 081-5529-103. Rampe San Giovanni Maggiore, 1bis, Napoli - Centro Storico, Via Mezzocanone. www.osterialachitarra,it It's right around San Gregorio Armeno, about 10 minutes walk from Palazzo Decumani hotel where we stayed.

                  Very close, I think also on Via Mezzocanonne is an outlet of Carraturo offering sfogliatelle and pastries you swoon over. Scaturchio has closed down apparently. No one seems to know why. If you are shopping around via Toledo area, go down to the bay and have a meal at La Scialuppa. We ate lunch there. It was perfect being on the marina with Vesuvius looking down on us. Good food also. Seafood pasta is fab.

                  1. re: jenniferjames

                    Not there yet, landing there on the 15th. Thanks for the advice. This is exactly the kind of place that I'm looking for this visit. Any reco's on pizza?

                    Thanks again !!


                    1. re: domenexx

                      Da Michele. The utmost simplicity, fresh, smoky-tasting crust - only 2 types of pizza - margherita and marinara. We tried both and then ordered another round of margherita. 3 pizzas & 2 beers cost 22 euros. We did not go during lunch/ dinner times. Got there around 4pm when they were changing over the ovens or something. Sat in the smaller section with the early locals waiting until suddenly everyone charged over to the other side and the wait was rewarded with delicious pizza.

              3. I live in Naples but unfortunately will be out of town during your visit or I would drag you to La Notizia in the Fuorigrotta neighborhood.

                He is closed on Mondays.....

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                1. re: VineyardTravel

                  Thanks !! Let's do a rain check ! Since you live there what will be your recommendations for two diners and one lunch. So far my inclination is to hosteria toledo, da dora, matozzi. I will prefer to leave the pizza for lunch and la notizia opens only for dinner. I'm looking to stay away from guide book recommendations that's why Hosteria toledo looks like a good choice.



                  1. re: domenexx

                    Donna Teresa in Vomero (very near public transit)
                    Osteria da Tonino if a dinner falls on Fri or Sat night (otherwise lunch only)

                    I've not been to Hosteria Toledo yet but have heard good things.

                    1. re: VineyardTravel

                      A recent detailed article about Donna Teresa. This is what Google translate is great for

                      I think both Katie Parla and Fred Plotkin have written about it too.