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Sep 21, 2010 01:52 PM

Lunch in Loop/Lincoln Park/Old Town-ish area

I'm coming to Chicago from Baltimore for the weekend and I'm looking for a good, not too expensive (no more than a $25-30 lunch tab) lunch place vaguely close to the corner of State and Division. I don't mind walking a little ways, so if it's 10 blocks away, it's no big deal. No mexican or pizza, cause I'm having those on Saturday. Anything else is fair game.

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  1. You should be able to eat lunch just about anywhere in the city for $25-30.

    I'll start with the places closest to State and Division, and I'll keep it within about a third of a mile.

    Bistrot Zinc is a French bistro near that intersection, open for lunch on weekdays and brunch on weekends, but I haven't been there, don't know anything about it.

    Big Bowl (Cedar St location) is an inexpensive pan-Asian restaurant.

    Gibson's is a steakhouse. Hugo's is their seafood restaurant next door.

    Le Colonial is upscale Vietnamese.

    Cafe Spiaggia is Italian.

    Except where indicated otherwise, all of these are open for lunch seven days a week. And all of these accept reservations on

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      Thanks nsxtay! Wow, Spiaggia looks fantastic. I'm a sucker for great Italian.


      980 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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        The cafe (Cafe Spiaggia) may work for your lunch; you can go there or to Spiaggia for dinner. Just to clarify - there are two restaurants, side by side. One is called Spiaggia and is a very high-end expensive fancy Italian restaurant, and is only open for dinner. The other is called Cafe Spiaggia and is a moderately-priced casual Italian restaurant, and is open for lunch as well as dinner. They both share the same website, too; you can go to or and you'll see the same thing; click on DINING ROOM for the Spiaggia menus or CAFE for the Cafe Spiaggia menus. Both are excellent at what they do.

        I'm not trying to be picky; I just want to make sure you don't see Spiaggia's menus and think you can eat there for lunch.

        Cafe Spiaggia
        980 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

        980 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611