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Sep 21, 2010 01:52 PM

Going out of Business Sale - Specialty Food

I Fancy Food, a specialty food shop in my town, is going out of business. Their online store has a sale right now for 25% Off entire purchase. (And they give free shipping over $100)

The code is 25OFF. It's a great store, and the only one of it's kind in our area. I am sad to see it go!

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  1. veggiemelt, thank you for posting this. i just made a nice order -- and got lots of neat pickled vegetables -- snappers, asparagus, dilly beans, carrots -- plus french mustard, dried porcini, and a thai chili sauce. they also have lyle's golden syrup, fyi...

    the pickled veggies are great for holiday hostess gifts, or as a snack with drinks...

    1. Oh my. This is DANGEROUS! I think I'll be doing some shopping this evening............. (my pie safe pantry is going to YELL at me for buying more stuff! LOL)

      1. I could go broke saving money!

        Grab while the grabbing is good. I read this a couple of days ago, and filled up my basket, but decided to "think about it." Since that time at least three things I had picked out were gone today. As some famous dead person person once sort of said, "He (or she) who hesitates don't get none."

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          Thanks for the warning, al b. Will place an order tonight - some things there I've not seen in my gourmet goodie travels. :-)

          1. re: LindaWhit

            Just placed my order and can't wait!! How sad, to see a cool little business like that go...and my grocery budget is protesting.......but a deal's a deal's a deal, right?
            (I like to wrap dilled beans or asparagus in puff pastry and bake.....yummola, easy drinks app.)

        2. I'm looking forward to my package. Bought some very nice vinegars for gifts. Thanks for the heads up. Sorry you are loosing such a nice resource. I lived in Smithville for several years, so know what a treat it is to find a shop like this!

          1. Thanks for alerting us to this sale. I just placed an order for 10 items, even though there's not much room left in my pantry to put them! All of the Moulins Mahjoub products from Tunisia are extraordinary. I bought several, plus Pommery mustard, French lentils and Lyle's black treacle for baking. I didn't spend enough for the free shipping (it has to be $100 AFTER the discount), but anything up to $100 ships for only $9.95 to where I live (PA).