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Sep 21, 2010 01:39 PM

Solo Dining in Buckhead

Will be in Atl tomorrow staying in Buckhead and was hoping for a great restaurant where I can dine solo and sit at the bar and hopefully be entertained? Price no object and probably not looking for steakhouses. I am tired of going to the Palm, Bones, Chops, etc.

Thanks for your suggestions

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  1. A different kind of experience: Dante's Down the Hatch - - haven't been in a while so not sure about dining solo. On the web site it says make reservations to dine at the bar so you'd better call. "The Bar - Join us with our nightly regulars and one of our fine mixed drinks. Our bar was handcrafted with Columbian rosewood and you can make reservations to dine at our bar."

    Houstons/Lenox is more standard fare (good but not great) and within walking distance of Dante's if you have a problem getting seated at the bar. I'm not sure of their entertainment schedule but people eat at the bar. Mortons is also nearby but you said no steakhouses.

    1. Do you mean entertained by a bartender or looking at chefs or what?

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        went to Craft Bar and had a great meal. Was able to order off the upstairs restaurant, good company, I was well cared for NY staff. Had the duck ANC beet salad