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Sep 21, 2010 01:33 PM

Driving from San Antonio to Del Rio--where to eat?

I'm flying in to San Antonip and driving to Del Rio. Looking for suggestions on where to eat DINNER on SUNDAY PM in one or the other--or anywhere in between. Very new to the area--so I'm thinking Tex-Mex or BBQ--but all suggestions welcome. (Also, we might want to eat breakfast or lunch in Del Rio on Mon, so suggestions appreciated for that, too.)

I resaearched Tex-Mex in Del Rio, but nearly all the places recommended were closed on Sunday altogether--or closed midafternoon after lunch. Many sounded worthwhile, but we won't be there before dinnertime. I'll also check CHOWHOUND recommendations for San Antonio.

After Del Rio we will be in the border area for a couple weeks. Big Bend. Presidio. Terlinua. Marfa. Alpine. Fort Davis. Fort Stockton and then back to San Antonio. Any dining suggestions for the trip?

Thanks a zillion!

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  1. I've been to Del Rio quite a few times and I've gotten to know some locals pretty well. There aren't that many places to choose from but here goes not in any special order.

    Manuel's Mexican Food & Steakhouse - formerly a restaurant in Acuna Mexico jumped over
    Ponchos Mexican Restaurant - havent been here but recommended
    Cripple Creek Restaurant - havent been here but recommended
    The Herald - Bar/Restaurant - place where i've had a drink or two or six!
    Meme's chicken - fried chicken joint - take out only, little hole in the wall(E. Canal st.)
    Julios - Mexican (3900 E HWY 90)- small place, is actually a tortilla chip factory out back.. take some for the road!

    I'll make some calls and see what else i can find

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    1. re: explosivo

      Well, the most famous restaurant there is undoubtedly Ma Crosby's.

      Although I haven't been there in two or three years and whether or not it's still open and doing business and is safe to go to now, I don't know.

      1. re: Jaymes

        yeah i dont know if its open anymore.. it has gotten a bit dangerous in Acuna, just like all other Texas/Mexico bordertowns

        1. re: Jaymes

          thanx to you, too! i think it's still there, but the word is to stay out of Mexico.
          Rats and rats again :-(

          You got any thoughts/knowledge on west of Del Rio--Big Bend, Presidio, Terlingua, Marfa, Alpine, Fort Davis, Fort Stockton, and then back to San Antonio?

          1. re: chickenfingers

            Although I wouldn't go to NL right now, or Juarez, I still drive over to Progreso all the time. No problemas at all there as of yet (knock on wood). The problems seem to be along the major highways/drug/smuggling routes between Mexico and the US.

            So I guess my advice would be to do a little bit of research about Acuna specifically before you write it off entirely.

            1. re: Jaymes

              Well, an update to my post...

              Unfortunately, I've recently heard that there have been a few problems in Ciudad Acuña, so undoubtedly best to add it to the "don't go" list.

              Que lastima.

        2. re: explosivo

          Thanx!! Pretty sure Ponchos is one of the places that's closed on Sunday :-(
          Anything else you can find out would be much appreciated.

          And heading west to Big Bend, etc, (Presidio. Terlingua. Marfa. Alpine. Fort Davis. Fort Stockton and then back to San Antonio.) Any thoughts on eats in that area?

        3. Don't miss Cochineal in Marfa, IMHO it's the best fine dining between San Antonio and Santa Fe. Cafe Cenizo at the Gage Hotel in Marathon is also excellent. The following thread gives you more information.

          Cafe Cenizo
          102 N 1st E, Marathon, TX 79842