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Sep 21, 2010 12:44 PM

Alone, lunch, do you need a reservation?


I will be in Paris for a few days next month, and will be alone for two lunches. I *think* I want to spend those at Frenchie and Chez L'ami Jean. I'm not totally decided. But I was wondering, do I need a lunch reservation for 1 at these places? I'm hoping not-- my French is terrible (or pas terrible yuk yuk) so I'm nervous to call and stumble through making one. Plus, I'd like to have flexibility during the day and not be tied down to a reservation.

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  1. Yes. Get over it and call. You're not tied down to a reservation, and you can make it or change it at the last minute.

    1. Yes, even a single diner needs a table to eat on.

      1. Then don't go to those places. I agree that a "name" needs a reservation, even for one...but there's entirely too much great food in Paris that isn't attached to a "name"....and most of those will be delighted to seat a single customer without a reservation.

        1. I'd take a chance; but have a good B, C and D plan just in case; and if you manage to get in, you'll be soooo happy!!!


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            A compromise to the above suggestions is what I do in Italy; carry the tele # of several possibilities where I might be between 12h30 and 14h00 and then call from my cell or an increasingly scarce phone box.
            I have written before about the many merits of reserving, even 10 minutes before and blunder along in your French, they'll get it.