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Sep 21, 2010 12:00 PM

Need Help - Holiday Party - West / North Metro

Thanks in advance for your help.
I need some ideas for our company holiday dinner. West or North Metro, please.
My boss has champagne tastes and a champagne pocket book - unfortunately I have a less than a beer budget to feed my boss and 22 other people a sit down dinner with wine.
Food has to be decent - price needs to be in the 20 - 25$ range per person.
Looking for a private or semiprovate area also.
Any ideas???
Thanks again!

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  1. We had a birthday party for my mom's 60th at the Medina Ballroom a few years back. The food was fantastic, and they have rooms that aren't quite so big.. More suited for smaller parties. It may be worth a try.

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      1. Where are you located? I'm guessing Plymouth-ish.

        To which, what about Tea House? Unconventional for a holiday party, but they have both authentic and takeout-style menus, and alcohol.

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          1. You could do Green Mill in Eden Prairie with this budget.