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Sep 21, 2010 11:41 AM

berkeley bagel tsouris (yiddish for plaint)

Went to get bagels for our break-fast. In years past, Manhattan Bagels on 4th St. in Berkeley had been the best of the lot. This year, they were beyond bad--so squishy you could barely slice them w/ a good bread knife. Please tell me where to get REAL bagels in the East Bay these days!

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  1. I got a bagel at Berkeley Bagels (former Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy) the other week. Despite the sign on the door that they boil them the old-fashioned way, they were undercooked and doughy.

    Berkeley Bagel
    1281 Gilman St, Albany, CA

    1. K'vetsh - Whine, complain
      Tsores - Troubles, misery Tsouris alternate spelling
      Plaint - Complaint; a lamentation
      So what we have here a bagel k'vetch that we got bagel tsouris but we already knew that.

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        I just read the link above (thanks)--but it gives up on bagels after about two post and directs me to a roll at one of the fabulous non-bagel bakeries in berkeley (all of which are, indeed, fabulous)--trouble is, a brilliant morning bun doesn't alleviate my mourning (re the lack of a good bagel).

        1. re: sundeck sue

          The first 2 posts told it all. Would Ruth and I lie? You have a genuine complaint for which the is no good answer at present. And if you check other threads the bagel situation is apparently pretty bad everywhere with the possible exception of Montreal.

      2. gotta agree with you. Manhatten bagels were my faves as well.

        1. Right on, Sundeck Sue! Those Manhattan Bagels were terrible!

          1. I never had an "East coast" bagel so I cannot give a true comparison but I used to like the bagels from Brother's Bagels - years ago - I think they have changed owners a few times and are now called Berkeley Bagels. Right now my favorite bagels are Levy's - unfortunately they are out in San Ramon, since I work out that way I will stop by when ever I am not van pooling - located in the shopping center on Crow Canyon and San Ramon Valley Blvd. - near Safeways
            Levys Bagels & Company
            2435 San Ramon Valley Blvd # 7, San Ramon

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              House of Bagels on Geary Blvd. near Park Presidio in the Richmond is better. Even better is bringing back a dozen from LA if you ever get down there.