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Sep 21, 2010 11:38 AM

lunch south/southwest of Malpensa


me again,

In a few weeks we will be arriving at Malpensa airport. Out flight arrives at 1210, and we are heading for Bruno (east of Nizza Monferrato). However, we will probably be arriving with 6 hungry children, and hungry adults loosing their temper.

Hence, we need a good, traditional lunch, but as close to the airport as possible (hoping for max 30 mins), and hopefully in the right direction. Preferably a bit rural, it it's always the easiest when the little ones have spent hours in planes and cars.


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    1. re: Villasampaguita

      Yes, sunday 3rd. Would love a good sunday lunch - guess that is a family-friendly day as well.

      1. re: hamha

        I think Il Gatto e La Volpe in Oleggio, about 15 minutes from the airport, is a wonderful Piedmontese osterie except Sunday's its closed. I would go with the poster on Slow Travel who recommended Il Buco del Mulo, it also is a pizzeria for the kids. But book ahead on-line on Sunday.