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Sep 21, 2010 10:57 AM

need sunday lunch/early dinner (not brunch) rec

I'll be in chicago this weekend. I am staying at the James Hotel in River North. My flight out is at 7 so we want to get a late lunch or very early dinner (230-330ish)...does anyone have any good suggestions. We are eating lunch saturday at Xoco and dinner at Publican, and will prob eat breakfast sunday morning at david burkes at our hotel, so I do not want any of those. Thanks for any help.

449 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654

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  1. There are a few good places nearby open all afternoon on Sundays and serving their regular lunch and/or dinner menus. Coco Pazzo Cafe, the Italian restaurant, is one option. There are also a couple of American food bar and grill type places: Rockit and Mity Nice Finally, some of the steakhouses also qualify: Joe's, Gibson's, the Palm, Petterino's, Rosebud, and Smith & Wollensky. All of these are within half a mile of the James. Slightly further, over by Millennium Park, are Park Grill and the Gage both serving American food.

    1. I'd also suggest The Purple Pig. A small plates place right on Michigan, they have great food and by going in the middle of the afternoon, you should avoid the biggest potential downside about the place- the crowds/ a long wait due to them not taking reservations.

      1. Hmmm, how about Mercat a la Planxa, or Cafe Spiaggia? Im from nyc, and my gf adn I are big foodies and were hoping fro something more exciting than steaks or bar food. Ill look into Purple Pig, thanks.

        Cafe Spiaggia
        980 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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          Here's the menu so you can have a look and see if it interests you.

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            The Purple Pig is open all afternoon and I believe they serve the same menu all day, so that would work. It's only a couple of blocks from the James.

            Cafe Spiaggia is not open all afternoon; they stop serving lunch at 2:30 and don't start serving dinner till 5:30. Same thing with Mercat a la Planxa, which doesn't start serving dinner til 5:00 (they serve a limited bar menu during the afternoon). Other than places that are primarily steakhouses or bars, there really aren't all that many good places downtown that meet your criteria.

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              Thanks, sounds like late lunch at mercat might be the move, jose andres doesnt have anything in ny at the moment, so i wouldnt mind trying something of his.

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                I have not had lunch at Mercat (which is from native Chicagoan Jose GARCES who has several restaurants in Philly). However, there have been a couple of reports here on Chowhound that say the lunch there is nothing special and advise going there for dinner and not lunch. It's also not particularly convenient to your hotel. And, as previously mentioned, they only serve a very limited bar menu in mid-afternoon. Even their lunch menu is very limited (as you can see on their website), so you are not really getting a fully representative experience of that restaurant.

                If you would like tapas for your meal mid-afternoon on Sunday, I strongly recommend instead going to Cafe Iberico. It's an 8-block walk (~12 minutes) from the James. I believe they serve the same menu all day long, and are open all afternoon seven days a week. The main downside with Cafe Iberico is that they don't take reservations but that's not a concern when you're eating mid-afternoon on a Sunday.

                One other possibility is Quartino. Quartino is two blocks from the James, and they serve small plates of Italian cuisine. They are open all afternoon every day, serving the same menu all day long.

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                  ahhh thanks, we wound up deciding on the purple pig, at first i thought purple pig might be too much like the publican, but in the end i didnt care bc this is actually something we really dont have in new york at the moment (small plate gastropub) We do have some bastions for pork, like the momofukus and the Breslin but for the most part id say that area is lacking...

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                    What'd you think? It's always good to get feedback about which places you liked and didn't.