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restaurants in TO using paper placemats printed with cocktail suggestions?

Are there any restaurants in TO still using these types of placemats: http://fortsanders.net/files/cocktail... ?

The last time I remember seeing one was at a family restaurant in Tobermory in 2006.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Funny -- I just mentioned these in another thread. Sorry though, no idea where you'd score them.

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      Your reply in that thread is what reminded me to post. I was wondering if any restaurants in TO were still using these placemats a couple weeks ago. There must be a steakhouse or family restaurant somewhere in the GTA that's still using them.

      I don't actually want to score any for myself. I want to visit a restaurant that still uses the placemats, and order one or 2 of the suggestions off the placemat.

      1. re: phoenikia

        I just circulated the link around my department. We're going to go to a restaurant and each order one thing off the menu...just for the reaction of the bartending staff! I'd like to get some of these and laminate them for home use. Some funky store must sell something like this, no?

        1. re: MeMeMe

          Please report back with the reaction from the bartending staff!

          Not sure about a store, but I found this earlier thread after I posted:

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          That specific placemat, or placemats with cocktails on them in general? Mandarin still uses placemats with cocktails on them, but they're various items off their cocktail menu, not this list of classic cocktails.

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            Doesn't have to be that specific placemat, but I'd prefer a placemat with classic cocktails to a placemat with currently popular cocktails ;-)

      2. I know you asked about Toronto, but I'm fairly certain these are still in use at Cathay House in Hamilton, where you will also find 70s' amber-coloured water glasses.

        1. OMG thanks for the reminder - my 7 year old self was determined to try the Pink Lady, among others. I studied those for hours at Mr Karas, among other fine establishments of the east end. I would also like to know of any places that still make a Shirley Temple with style - cocktail sword and cherry!

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            What about The Tulip? They might have them, and if not, they probably should :)

          2. Bo Peep's on Kingston Road east of Danforth Ave still uses them. It's a so-so family restaurant.

            1. I think Paul Wong's in Pickering still has these menus-with the Singapore Sling, Sidecar etc.

              1. It's been months since I've been to either, but I believe both Memories of Japan and Tako Sushi (on Don Mills north of Eglinton) still use them. I think they use the one with the cocktail pictures all around the border and in the centre it says "May we suggest a cocktail?"

                Memories of Japan
                900 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C1V6, CA

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                  I was about to suggest Memories of Japan...it's also been a while since I've been (longer than a few months), but they definitely used to have them, at least. It's also a decent teppanyaki place (a much better value for lunch than for dinner).

                  1. re: Strongbad789

                    I find the quality, service, and pricing are better at Tako up the street. But yeah, clearly those two are the "bottom of the barrel" for pseudo-Japanese food in the GTA....

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                    It's been months for me as well but the last time (I get dragged there occasionally by work peoples as it's close to one of my company's locations) I did snap a picture of it:


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                      Yeah, that's the one I remember. I thought I'd seen one where the photos go around the border and the center had the list of drinks with recipes, but maybe not..... amazing they're still using those ancient things, if I'm not mistaken the copyright year in the fine print is 1981....

                      1. re: TexSquared

                        I'm sure I have seen these place mats at Satay on the Road on Bayview Avenue although it was years ago.

                        1. re: xiolablue

                          Satay on the Road has them for sure. I was there last Saturday and reading them provided much amusement!

                  3. I was at Burger Bar in Kensington yesterday and they had a "Canadian Cocktails" paper placemat.
                    The food was okay tasting but it was pretty pricey (used a voucher from a deal site) so if you plan to go to snag one I suggest maybe just ordering a beer (They have a pretty good selection on tap and in bottles). Or, i guess you could order a cocktail!

                    1. I feel like I saw similar ones (cocktails on a blue background) at the Memories of Japan on Don Mills north of Eglinton last year.

                      Memories of Japan
                      900 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C1V6, CA

                      1. Laterna on Yonge at Steeles

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                            The place in Tobermory still has them, The Princess Hotel.

                            I just keep staring at them. I can't hold a conversation when distracted by the pretty drinks in the well lit glass. These placemats are the best. I love trying to figure out the rational behind the layout. There are always drinks that match in each corner, then obviously designer gets screwed up by some random shaped glass.

                            1. re: smudgebee

                              Some of them actually try to maintain alphabetical order. Our little parlour game with these things is to imagine how far one could get through the list before something would go horribly wrong. The alphabetical ones start out with a Black Russian followed by a Bloody Mary then a Brandy Alexander the conclusion is at this point, even with only three drink down, one's system ought to be rebelling already.

                              1. re: bytepusher

                                Best drinking game idea EVER! Shall we have a Chowhound field trip and see what happens?

                          2. Satay on The Road has those place mats.

                            1. haha yeah, Bo Peep out in Scarborough, they're made by Art Printing company