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Sep 21, 2010 10:31 AM

Moving to Long Branch- Where to eat??

Moving to Long Branch area next week- Where to eat? Where NOT to eat?

Thanks so much!!

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  1. Any particular cuisine or price range preferred?

    Nikos Trapezzi - Greek
    Ming Ying - Chinese takeout
    Ada's - Dominican
    El Oaxaqueno 3 - Mexican
    North Beach Grill - Luncheonette
    Pearl of Lisbon (Pearl of the Sea on their website) - Portugese
    Tuzzios - Italian

    These can be found on this directory:

    Click on the "Location" header to sort by location.

      1. re: arpad

        Keep in mind that that listing contains pretty much every Monmouth county restaurant I can find that either has a website or a takeout menu I have scanned. In in no way represents an endorsement or recommendation (Murphy Style Grill is on there !) :-0

        If anyone else finds any establishments with websites that are not listed there please let me know and I'll guarantee you a heartfelt "Thanks!"

      2. Jr's in West End for burgers; Nunzio's or Tony's for Pizza; Jesse's for organic/wholesome/vegetarian eats; Windmill for Hot Dogs; Ming Ying for Chinese; Sitting Duck for Burger/Beer; Charley's Grill for burger/beer/ and a view; and, of course, head to Gracie & the Dudes in Sea Bright for ice cream.

        Sitting Duck Restaurant
        104 Myrtle Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740

        1. Here's the best by town starting a bit north.
          Belford....Belford Bistro
          Atlantic Highlands...Ama
          Highlands....Bay Ave Trattoria, or maybe Doris and Ed's
          Sea Bright...Anjelica's
          Monmouth Beach...Sally Tee's
          Long Branch...Sirena's

          1. Island Spice in Long Branch.


            Island Spice
            333 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07305