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Sep 21, 2010 09:59 AM

Where to buy Clear-Jel?

Does anyone know where Clear-Jel (non-Instant) can be purchased in or around Boston (east of Worcester)? I know where I can purchase it online, but would love to be able to have some for this weekend's kitchen project.


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  1. I haven't looked recently, but in the past have gotten it at Market Basket and have also seen it in hardware and feed stores that sell canning supplies. Call around before making a special trip.

      1. Clear-Jel is a corn starch based thickener usually used for pie-fillings and canning. It is especially useful in the former, because it is heat resistant.

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          Thanks! I've never heard of it. When I want to thicken cherries or blueberries in a pie, I guess I use flour or tapioca. And I remember when people used arrowroot, but I don't remember why.

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            There are 2 types - instant and cook-type. The cook type is what is used for canning (as it doesn't break down over time as flour or regular cornstarch would.) the instant is most commonly used commercially in products like instant pudding.

            I was searching for the cook-type and had no luck finding any from Boston to Bolton - but I did find had the best price when balanced with shipping cost - and it arrived in days so I have my apple pie filling canned for the winter.