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Sep 21, 2010 09:59 AM

Ginger Soda?

Does anyone have any idea why my can of Diet Vernors says that it contains ginger soda and not ginger ale?

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  1. Maybe because ginger ale typically contains sugar?

    1. I'd go look at the FDA section on labelling. But ginger ale certainly isn't ale by any legal definition. It is, actually, soda.

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      1. re: lemons

        Obviously, just as root beer is certainly not beer. And the can of IBC I have in the fridge does not say 'root soda'.

        1. re: Fydeaux

          Ah, but there's ginger in the ginger ale. "Root" is too generic for an ingredient list. Sassafras: Now there's a root. But my guess is that it comes under the rubric of "flavorings" or something similar and thus isn't listed by name. Did you go to the FDA site:

          1. re: lemons

            Well, I have now and found no useful information after cursory searching.

            {Lemons, I'm just wondering; you ended your post with a colon. Were you intending to put a link to the relevant part of the site? Or had you intended to end with a question mark and hit the wrong key?}

            There is the possibility that it has been labeled as ginger soda for quite a while and I have never noticed it before. Does anyone know?