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Sep 21, 2010 09:53 AM

Delta Edmonton South


I will be in Edmonton for a few days next month, staying at the Delta Edmonton South on Gateway Blvd. Can anybody recommend something decent nearby for solo dinners? I don't mind taking cabs as long as I'm not traveling too far.


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  1. All the chains are a stone's throw away. There is a greek restaurant just north of it (1-2blocks) called Koutoukis that I enjoy, but some people find it overpriced. The Golden rice bowl (about 6 blocks north on gateway blvd) has really good dim sum. The hotel restaurant is good, but not amazing. It's mainly chains in that part of the city.

    Since you are willing to take a cab, Whyte ave is a short ride away and there are lots of boards on the restaurants there here on chow.

    Is there any type of food in particular you were looking for?

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    1. re: Bryn

      Thanks for the suggestions, Bryn. I'm really up for anything. I'll be working long days so I really look forward to dinner afterwards. I'm coming from Toronto so Alberta beef would be a nice treat! I don't want to spend hours eating, but anything delicious would be welcome.

      1. re: Moonsammy

        Jack's Grill (higher end bistro) is not too far from there. I agree with Bryn, Whyte ave is close by cab, lots to look into there. For steak I don't mind Von's on Whyte ave.

        Jack's Grill
        5842 111 Street, Edmonton, AB T6H 3G1, CA

    2. That hotel is basically right at a highway interchange, the area is very busy with lots of traffic. There are a few restaurants that are technically within walking distance but you may not feel very safe as a pedestrian trying to cross 4-lane roads where vehicles travel up to 80 km/h.

      I offer another recommendation to take a cab.

      For solo dining, consider:
      - Da-de-o (cajun place on Whyte Ave., you can eat at the cafe counter, good sandwiches)
      - Dawaat (Indian buffet on Whyte Ave.)
      - Von's (as somebody else suggested, you can probably eat at the bar) or the Keg
      - Phobulous (Vietnamese place on 109th St. north of Whyte specializing in Pho, obviously)
      - Da Capo (wood oven fired pizza, very casual place, you won't feel awkward eating alone here, amazing gelato to top it off, 109th St. & 87th Ave.)
      - Sugarbowl (a pub/bar type place with decent food, bring a magazine and chill while you eat dinner and have a beer, it won't be awkward)

      1. Within walking distance (about 5 blocks west) is Cafe Puccini in Whitemud Crossing. I haven't been there in a few years but it was consistent and amazingly delicious.

        Cafe Puccini 149 - 4211 106 St. NW Phone: 780.438.5320

        Has anyone been there more recently and can vouch for it?

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        1. re: piano boy

          There was a recent review of Creations that was good, it is very close by...

          I also just thought of The Bothy, it should be within walking distance, great wine & scotch list....

          1. re: cleopatra999

            Thanks everybody! Coming from Toronto, I've honed my jay-walking skills, so 4 lanes of fast-moving traffic doesn't scare me. I also really appreciate the restos-by-cab suggestions.

            Much appreciated!

            1. re: Moonsammy

              Restaurants that I can think of off the top of my head.

              Whitemud Crossing has - Thai Valley Grill, Red Robin, Pho An (Vietnamese), Yokozuna (sushi). I miss the Afghan place :(

              Along Calgary Trail & Gateway Blvd (South) - Earl's, Sorrentino's, Century Room, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Montana's, Creations, Beijing Beijing, Thai Orchid, White Spot,
              (North) Koutouki, The Bothy, The Sawmill, The Moose Factory, Banzai (sushi), Golden Rice Bowl, Tropika, Syphay,

              There is lots of choices on Whyte Ave, which as others said is close by cab. From Indian (Daawat/Origin India) to Japanese (Furusato/Maki Maki) to Thai (King & I) to Mediterranean (Press Cafe & Bistro). Other choices include Cafe Beirut, Murietta's, The Next Act (which has just changed hands), Packrat Louis, Accent European Lounge (I love this spot)..

              Really. I think you'll be we have a lot here, it just might be spread out a bit more than what you are used to in the TDot.

              P.S. I've always enjoyed the thin crust neo-style pizza from Famoso. And they do have a location in South Edmonton Common which would be close. (if you that far down, you also have a big assortment of other chains).

              Did we find out what style/food genre you were comfortable or looking for?

              4208 Calgary Trail South, Edmonton, AB T6J 6Y8, CA